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#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts reopened defect normal
#3409 Impossible to transcode full range RGB videos with libx264, and keep full range + proper colors, reopened defect normal
#4027 Gdi capture window title, then I close the window, ffmpeg send don't automatically stop. Version 2.3 will stop the capture. new defect normal
#4092 Frame Drops and high cpu usage for Multibitrate Streaming new defect normal
#4189 webcam overlay audio desync Windows 7 new defect normal
#4201 Error Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer Logitech C920 new defect normal
#5515 rtbufsize of 0 crashes FFMPeg new defect minor
#1452 image2 to support %t, reopened enhancement wish
#4149 Support mjpeg rotation open enhancement wish
#4234 Direct3D desktop capture on Windows new enhancement wish
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