Ticket #377: bisectLog

File bisectLog, 2.5 KB (added by acloutier, 8 years ago)
1git bisect start
2# bad: [e33f58af5a1a630c440eae51a69c35f014d0fa04] update version for 0.6.1
3git bisect bad e33f58af5a1a630c440eae51a69c35f014d0fa04
4# good: [021054a1962769c1d231bfa9e9178961c5b75e30] release notes for 0.5.2
5git bisect good 021054a1962769c1d231bfa9e9178961c5b75e30
6# good: [b00b15be033888fa6b5eac4e4a6da683ff58b54d] Mention non-recursive Makefiles in the changelog.
7git bisect good b00b15be033888fa6b5eac4e4a6da683ff58b54d
8# good: [9e8fecf7eafa35e844776457a6d85bcd36a5bb28] Better formatting for 2D tables in tableprint code.
9git bisect good 9e8fecf7eafa35e844776457a6d85bcd36a5bb28
10# good: [0332324a48c8571ff30b50c194e68bf04a3e3f2b] Dont give up after 100kb of zero bytes but returnd EAGAIN fixes issue1729
11git bisect good 0332324a48c8571ff30b50c194e68bf04a3e3f2b
12# bad: [2023cfea0fa56aa15396d6c0a43b290aa6e6c9b4] Add some required casts
13git bisect bad 2023cfea0fa56aa15396d6c0a43b290aa6e6c9b4
14# good: [c53ffb2ce5f26a84ffc456ae3e024dbab85189e1] Include apetag.h which contains the prototype for ff_ape_parse_tag().
15git bisect good c53ffb2ce5f26a84ffc456ae3e024dbab85189e1
16# bad: [148e8f2d295b5e8eb92dc9a1561e8e31bbb0a6d5] Fix warning about incompatible pointer types
17git bisect bad 148e8f2d295b5e8eb92dc9a1561e8e31bbb0a6d5
18# good: [c72625f29902bfd7f01184c3eb1c29c94ec2a648] Delay translating DCT tokens into coefficients until immediately before IDCT
19git bisect good c72625f29902bfd7f01184c3eb1c29c94ec2a648
20# good: [814c56413dc1656d16bda75614e7b5c4fbbbcb9a] Don't explicitly initialize networking in the tcp and udp protocols
21git bisect good 814c56413dc1656d16bda75614e7b5c4fbbbcb9a
22# good: [ff358eca17b9182a0ce45bd9b7b5a52f55aaa52e] Reindent after the last commit.
23git bisect good ff358eca17b9182a0ce45bd9b7b5a52f55aaa52e
24# bad: [7de9da9ba79aa16d52724731b317a1b09f1de8fd] Move prototypes for various dsputil init functions to dsputil.h
25git bisect bad 7de9da9ba79aa16d52724731b317a1b09f1de8fd
26# good: [63833766dc7956e96d5d1e4bc569b84762f2322a] Show aspect ratio information in dprintf_picref() traces.
27git bisect good 63833766dc7956e96d5d1e4bc569b84762f2322a
28# bad: [c26e58e32cf430f060209e0d6088181f4426b3ce] Add some missing #includes
29git bisect bad c26e58e32cf430f060209e0d6088181f4426b3ce
30# bad: [5189573c6d31816705cbecaa8e527fcf606ee060] Set GXF fallback time-base to match the one specified for audio-only.
31git bisect bad 5189573c6d31816705cbecaa8e527fcf606ee060
32# bad: [192c14fa5510e8b5e13ed5796ae87aabbfad84d6] GXF time base is always based on "fields" per second even for non-interlaced video. Should fix issue 1766.
33git bisect bad 192c14fa5510e8b5e13ed5796ae87aabbfad84d6