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     1= Submit a FFmpeg Logo =
     3FFmpeg is looking for themed (seasons, special events, holidays, etc) art/logos/banners, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit designs. If several designs for the same theme are submitted we will vote on the design, but that does not necessarily mean we will not eventually use your design if it does not win the vote. We will then upload the logo and thank the artist on our home page for your bragging rights!
     5Here is how to submit your logo:
     7=== 1. Get the Logo Files ===
     8[ Original logo files] by Hervé Flores if you need them for reference.
     10=== 2. Submit Your Design to Trac ===
     11[ Trac] is our bug tracker, wiki, and also where you can submit your design files. You will first have to [ register], and then you can make a [ New Ticket]. Make sure to choose '''Type: Art''', and check '''I have files to attach to this ticket''' as shown in the image below. You can ignore the other options. On the next page you can then choose the '''Attach file''' button to upload your image(s). Note that the uploader is currently limited to 2 MB file sizes. If a file exceeds this size use a file hosting service such as datafilehost or mediafire and provide the link in your Trac ticket.
     13Art for our web site should be less than 80k file size, but exceptions can be made. Higher resolution or vector versions that could be used in print are very welcome!
     15=== 3. Tell Us About It ===
     16Submit a message to the [ ffmpeg-devel mailing list] with the subject '''[LOGO] Design Submission''' with a description of your design and a link to your Trac ticket number. Note that unless you subscribe to the mailing list it may take up to 48 hours for your message to be approved, and this is a high-volume mailing list if you do decide to subscribe. If you are familiar with IRC you can also mention and discuss your design in #ffmpeg-devel.
     18=== 4. Make Suggested Changes ===
     19We may ask you to make changes or tweak elements of your design. The artist should not take such comments too seriously since many will be written by programmers who do not have much sense for art. Upload the new design to your same Trac ticket if you decide to make changes. Keep the '''Replace existing attachment of the same name''' box unchecked so we have a copy of your previous designs.
     21Once your final design has been agreed upon we will upload your logo!
     23== Usage Rights & License Information ==
     24The artist has to provide us with sufficient rights to use the art in any form: not limited to the web site, t-shirts, and print media; to refer only to the FFmpeg project or tools at no cost to us. The rights though should be restricted enough not to allow the art from being used for non-FFmpeg representation.
     26== If You Have Questions ==
     27Contact us via the [ ffmpeg-devel mailing list] or in our IRC channel at #ffmpeg-devel.
     29== Previously Submitted Designs ==
     30* Ticket [ticket:1418] by Victoria Kirst
     31* Ticket [ticket:1419] by Jagannath Srs
     32* Ticket [ticket:1421] by Jagannath Srs
     33* Ticket [ticket:1448] by Hervé Flores
     34* Ticket [ticket:1455] by Victoria Kirst