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OPW 2014-12 Qualification tasks

ProjectQualification MentorApplicant NameApplicant NickApplicant EmailQualification TaskComplexity Index (mmh)Date GivenStatusDate CompletedScore
Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) Paul B Mahol Mansi Gokhale Mansi
FFv1 P frame support
Subtitles Clement Boesch Eejya Singh akira4
Postproc optimizations Michael Niedermayer Nadia Heredia nadiah
MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) encoderThilo BorgmannJuliet Fru
Hardware Acceleration API Software / Tracing Implementation
Missing AAC decoder features
AAC Encoder Improvements Claudio FreireSenjuti Kundu
DTS / DCA Improvements
MXF Demuxer Improvements
Symmetric-key block ciphers Giorgio Vazzana myra one of the the algorithms
sphoorti cryptographic hash function
VDPAU filter
Basic servers for network protocols
Intially unmentored projects
Misc Libavfilter extension
TrueHD encoder
VC-1 interlaced
JPEG 2000
Hardware Accelerated Video Encoding with VA-API
H.264 Multiview Video Coding (MVC)
Browsing content on the server