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GSoC and Outreachy 2016 Qualification tasks

ProjectQualification MentorApplicant NameApplicant NickApplicant EmailQualification TaskComplexity Index (mmh)Date GivenStatusDate first submittedDate CompletedScore
Create a fuzzing testsuite for FFmpeg Kieran Kunhya Compile and run ​fffuzz and report and (possibly fix) a crash using zzuf or afl-fuzz.
FFv1 P frame support Michael Niedermayer Yash Patel yash0307 Improve the compression of the existing FFV1 Intra frames, you can change any part of the algorithm but it must be practical, the more improvement you can achieve, the better 2016-03-04
MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) encoder Thilo Borgmann Umair Khan Work on bugs and missing features of the ALS decoder 2016-03-04
Hardware Acceleration API Software / Tracing Implementation Reimar Doeffinger Prakhar Pratyush pnation2020 Anything related to the hardware acceleration code, though producing first ideas and code pieces for this task would also be reasonable 2016-03-02
MXF Demuxer Improvements Tomas Haerdin Investigate if there may be a compact way of representing the UL -> WrappingKind? mapping specified in the ​official RP224 Excel document.
VDPAU filter Carl Eugen Hoyos TBA
TrueHD encoder Rostislav Pehlivanov Jai Luthra darkapex Update the MLP encoder so that it produces a valid bitstream that can be decoded by FFmpeg without errors to silence. Find out how to validate the generated bitstream besides using FFmpeg. 2016-02-26
Improve Selftest coverage Michael Niedermayer Improve selftest code coverage by at least 1% of two of the main libraries (libavcodec, libavformat, libavdevice, libavfilter, libavutil, libswresample, libswscale) as listed at ​
Improve and Cleanup Swscale Michael Niedermayer Something that proofs that you understand the existing code and can manipulate it as you need to. A specific possibility would be to move some cases which are handled as cascaded contexts to run as part of the filters from ff_init_filters() wthout using cascaded contexts.
Motion interpolation in libavfilter Paul B Mahol Basic but working motion estimation filter.
DICOM support Carl Eugen Hoyos TBA