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postproc optims and bayer RGB


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    108108'''Backup Mentor:''' TBA, possibly Nicolas George (Cigaes on IRC)  
     110== Postproc optimizations == 
     113'''Description:''' FFmpeg contains libpostproc, which is used to postprocess 8x8 DCT-MC based video and images (jpeg, mpeg-1/2/4, H.263 among others). The code though has been written a long time ago and its SIMD optimizations need to be updated to what modern CPUs support (AVX2 and SSE2+). 
     115'''Expected results:''' 
     117   - Convert all gcc inline asm in libpostproc to YASM. 
     118   - Restructure the code so that it works with block sizes compatible with modern SIMD. 
     119   - Add Integer SSE2 and AVX2 optimizations for each existing MMX/MMX2/3dnow optimization in libpostproc.  
     121'''Prerequisites:''' C coding skills, good x86 assembly coding skills, familiarity with git/source code control systems. 
     123'''Qualification Task:''' convert 1 or 2 MMX2 functions to SSE2 and AVX2. 
     125'''Mentor:''' Michael Niedermayer (michaelni on IRC) 
     127'''Backup Mentor:''' TBA, possibly Stefano Sabatini (saste on IRC) 
     130== Bayer RGB colorspaces == 
     133'''Description:''' Several image and video format store pixels using Bayer-pattern colorspaces. Supporting these format would broaden FFmpeg's applicability to RAW still and video photography processing. 
     135'''Expected Results:''' 
     137   - Rebase existing patches 
     138   - Implement high quality bayer transformations in libswscale (plain C) 
     139   - Add bayer formats to the libavutil pixfmt enumeration routines 
     140   - SIMD optimizations of the libswscale transformations 
     141   - Complete PhotoCINE demuxer to support Bayer format; (or another format of your choosing)  
     143Optional goodies: 
     145  - Extend TIFF decoder to support DNG-Bayer format 
     146  - Support a popular proprietary camera format (many to choose from; see dcraw project)  
     148'''Prerequisites:''' C coding skills, familiarity with git/source code control systems. 
     150'''Qualification Task:''' Implement a simple and working Bayer->RGB transform in libswscale 
     152'''Mentor:''' TBA, possibly Peter Ross (pross-au on IRC) 
     154'''Backup Mentor:''' Michael Niedermayer (michaelni on IRC) 
    111158== Sample Project ==