Change History for EncodingForStreamingSites

Version Date Author Comment
9 2 years slhck explicitly mention that libx264 is used in this guide; rewrite note
8 2 years llogan fixed muxrate/maxrate typo (misnamed option was simply removed in …
7 2 years Gyan muxrate is a private option of two muxers - MPEG-TS and MPEG, not used …
6 3 years llogan added tee example. removed useless mp3 info: use aac instead.
5 3 years coral Twitch doesn't recommend encoding to MP3 anymore (source: i work at …
4 5 years relaxed simplify command
3 5 years llogan nit+++++: remove superfluous *
2 5 years llogan nits, add crf and preset info, switch to AAC
1 6 years llogan make initial page