Change History for Encode/VP9

Version Date Author Comment
12 5 months slhck clarify availability of VP9 decoders (most browsers support it, except IE, …
11 6 months Darxus Added Compatability section, mentioning vp8 and 4:2:0 are more widely …
10 6 months slhck info on compression efficiency; add relevant paper
9 8 months slhck add more explanation and examples, and link to Google rate control page
8 11 months llogan add default audio encoder note and remove libvorbis instances
7 12 months slhck s/reduce/increase, other minor fixes
6 12 months slhck improve article structure, add explanation on speed/quality
5 12 months slhck add new way to specify rate / quality
4 15 months slhck fix formatting (when will I ever remember this wiki syntax)
3 15 months slhck add link to Google VP9 guide
2 3 years c-14 Spelling fix
1 3 years c-14