Changes between Version 34 and Version 35 of DirectShow

Jan 14, 2015, 9:42:22 PM (6 years ago)

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    157157Send a message to if you want to discuss these issues.
    159 *
    160 * unable to specify device by guid (but you can use name/index currently, sometimes this isn't enough for certain names not console friendly)
    162 * "could not enumerate video devices" -> "could not enumerate or none installed"
    163 * video property enumeration using `-video_device_number` appears to be broken (is using it broken too?)
    164 * does not work with crossbar devices (email roger for experimental patch)
     159* Do you have a feature request? Anything you want added? digital capture card support added? analog tv tuner support added? email me (see above).  Want any of the below fixed? email me...
     160* does not work with crossbar devices (email roger for experimental patch!)
    165161* may not work with devices that somehow share audio and video together [ DirectShow Capture Source and FFmpeg] -- email roger for experimental patch
    166162* wants an option "never drop initial packets" during setup or possibly "never drop any packets ever"?
    167163* currently there is no ability to "push back" against upstream sources if ffmpeg is unable to encode fast enough, this might be nice to have.
    168 * currently no ability to select "i420" from various yuv options:
     164* currently no ability to select "i420" from various yuv options [screen capture recorder] meh
     165* doesn't work with medialooks screen capture:
    169166* cannot use audio pins on certain "combined" video/audio sources ping roger for experimental patch
     167* could use an option "just keep latest frame" to decrease latency to absolute minimum
     168* could use an option "trust video timestamps"
     169* lacks "show filter properties dialog" option/serialization
     170* cannot take more than 2 inputs [today] per invocation. this can be arranged.
     171* not device enumeration API today (for libav users).