Clone following git repository using command line like this:

git clone
cd vcpkg

Run bootstrap-vcpkg.bat on windows, on linux.

Determine for which platform you want to build. To see existing platforms - check subfolder triplets.

Detailed information can be found from here:

If you wish to build only windows release build, no debug - then copy x64-windows.cmake to x64-windows-rel.cmake, and add there following text:

set(VCPKG_CRT_LINKAGE dynamic)
set(VCPKG_BUILD_TYPE release)

ffmpeg package description can be found from ports/ffmpeg/CONTROL file - including what is build by default - see Default-Features tag, and feature list.

Build ffmpeg using command line like this:

vcpkg install ffmpeg

       - Builds debug and release versions

vcpkg install ffmpeg:x64-windows-rel

       - Builds release only version

vcpkg install vcpkg install ffmpeg[core,ffmpeg,swresample,swscale,avdevice]:x64-windows-rel

       - Using 'core' overrides features <Default-Features> list, after which you can list features which you want.

         As feature list I have added ffmpeg with resize, scale / etc features - other features can be found from CONTROL file.

         Please note that adding new feature reflects to for example ffmpeg compilation options, so better to figure out full feature
         list right away - no need to rebuild same libraries later on.

You can use also --dry-run to determine that you're making right thing:

>vcpkg install ffmpeg[core,ffmpeg,swresample,swscale,avdevice]:x64-windows-rel --dry-run
Computing installation plan...
The following packages are already installed:

Built binaries will be located in installed\<platformname>.

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