Change History for CompilationGuide/RaspberryPi

Version Date Author Comment
11 5 years Joshua Foster Fixed pkg-config information. PKG_CONFIG_PATH was wrong, in addition …
10 7 years Timothy Gu Decrease header level
9 8 years llogan add missing "make" and "make install" for ALSA; fix various nits
8 8 years llogan add --extra-libs=-ldl for libx264
7 8 years Mr. Bananas I couldn't get x264 to work with ffmpeg without these flags. Without …
6 9 years burek Fixed several typos and corrected invalid --prefix
5 9 years burek Added the step to enable building of g++ tool
4 9 years burek corrected the $PATH
3 9 years burek Added a photo of Raspberry Pi
2 9 years burek fixed typo
1 9 years burek