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    5656* LDFLAGS
     59In case you installed a package in a non standard path, you need to update these environment libraries so that system tools will be able to detect the package components. This is especially required when running a configure script for a package relying on other installed libraries/headers/tools.
     62== Configuration prerequisites and distribution packages ==
     64When configuring a package, you may be required to check for the presence of some required libraries and headers. Many distribution will provide binary package for the required libraries, so you may rely on that rather than compile and install from scratch.
     66In general, for a library you will need the library package and the development package associated to that library. The library package contains only the library, the development package will contain also the headers and the other files which are required for compiling a package depending on those libraries. On Debian-based distribution systems, the development packages have the -dev suffix, on RedHat-based distribution systems, they have the -devel suffix.
     68For example on Debian, if you want to configure FFmpeg with {{{--enable-libmp3lame}}}, you will need to install the libmp3lame development package which will be called {{{libmp3lame-dev}}}.
     70You should also make sure that the library version provided by the distribution is compatible with the one required by the configured source package. If the required package is more recent than the library version provided by your distribution, you may need to install from source.