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Feature: Separate Real-Time Console Status Output For Audio/Video Bitrate

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Currently the real-time encoding status bitrate number shows the bitrate of the whole file, video, audio, muxing overhead, all other substreams.

The video bitrate alone is reported only in offline form at the end of the whole encoding process in the form of INFO-ERRORLEVEL message from the encoder itself (CYAN color), to clear this out, that is not considered real-time, so that is not what I'm talking about. The realtime status isn't logged into a text file, what is logged to a text file is only the last change when the process finishes. Also do not confuse this, I do not want realtime to be also logged into a textfile, that would amount to a ton of extra lines, I know.

This would help in situations when tinkering with mostly video and producing short trial&error samples of the project config, where I find myself a lot in, as it is not necessary to , but I do like to have a trial run for some minutes and I like to watch how the video bitrate behaves as it goes over still, moving, and black areas of the video.

When using CRF values for video quality it does behave differently at different presets and also whether or not the encoding process starts from a completely black point in the video ..etc, it does mess with the CRF a bit so my trials are a bit off as I try to do my first trials at the middle of the video with 1 minute samle of moving and still images, I also use these trials to calculate the approximate total size of the final output file, anyways there is no need to try to fix that CRF behavior deep within each encoder, it is easier to simply have me see what the current video-only bitrate of the encoding process is in real-time by appending it to the current total bitrate and I can adjust the CRF much quicker and more accurately without having to be confused with deducing the audio bitrate and having to always keep that in mind during sample trials, it may ofcourse not be an issue for one or two projects but it adds up over the months, years, I have realized it now, it has been bugging me for years and it was just subtle enough that I didn't get myself to report it.

It doesn't have to be separate for default errorlevel, but I am using maximum errorlevel and verbose console output modes, it would be welcome at least there.

% ffmpeg -errorlevel verbose -v 9 -i N/A
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Patches should be submitted to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list and not this bug tracker.

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comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by atomnuker

I agree, it would be useful to report both during encoding. I'll try to make a patch if I have the time and it's not too messy.

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