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concat demuxer doesn't accept CR as line separators

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The concat demuxer does not work correct. It creates a valid playable file but all files in the concat file are not added. Just the first file is copied.

A simple example to concat two small files (in the case two of the same files but it also does not work when you use different sources).

The used concatfile.txt :

file /Users/imac/Desktop/
file /Users/imac/Desktop/

The used FFmpeg command line:

ffmpeg -f concat -i /Users/imac/Desktop/concatfile.txt -codec copy -y /Users/imac/Desktop/

ffmpeg output:

ffmpeg version 2.1 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers

built on Aug 1 2013 16:03:22 with llvm-gcc 4.2.1 (LLVM build 2336.11.00)
configuration: --prefix=/Volumes/tempdisk/sw --as=yasm --enable-gpl --enable-pthreads --disable-ffplay --disable-ffserver --disable-shared --enable-static --enable-libvpx --disable-decoder=libvpx --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopus --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libx264 --enable-libxvid --enable-zlib --enable-avfilter --enable-fontconfig --enable-libfreetype --enable-libass --enable-libutvideo --enable-filters --enable-postproc --enable-runtime-cpudetect
libavutil 52. 38.100 / 52. 38.100
libavcodec 55. 18.102 / 55. 18.102
libavformat 55. 12.100 / 55. 12.100
libavdevice 55. 3.100 / 55. 3.100
libavfilter 3. 79.101 / 3. 79.101
libswscale 2. 3.100 / 2. 3.100
libswresample 0. 17.102 / 0. 17.102
libpostproc 52. 3.100 / 52. 3.100

[concat @ 0x7fe280818600] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
Input #0, concat, from '/Users/imac/Desktop/concatfile.txt':

Duration: 00:00:00.02, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 26 kb/s

Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 480x270 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 976 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 12800 tbn, 50 tbc
Stream #0:1: Audio: aac (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 131 kb/s

Output #0, mov, to '/Users/imac/Desktop/':


encoder : Lavf55.12.100
Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 480x270 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=2-31, 976 kb/s, 25 fps, 12800 tbn, 12800 tbc
Stream #0:1: Audio: aac (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, 131 kb/s

Stream mapping:

Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (copy)
Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (copy)

Press [q] to stop, ? for help
frame= 250 fps=0.0 q=-1.0 Lsize= 1361kB time=00:00:10.03 bitrate=1111.3kbits/s
video:1191kB audio:160kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.666447%

The resulting file is working BUT:

  • It has the file size of the first file (
  • The movie length is also the same as the first file (

Basically this means the concat hasn't been done. It just copied the video and audio streams of the first file.

BTW this also happens with the latest GIT version.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Xtophe

To be clear:
In this example the result should be a movie of 20 seconds and 2,6MB in size (read: twice the length and size of the two source files).
The result you now get is 10secs and 1.3MB

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Your concat script has carriage returns instead of the normal line feeds to separate the lines; this is a quirk of obsolete macos software. Use an editor that separates lines with LF, or even CR-LF like windows software, and it should work.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by Xtophe

Bummer .. thanks it works now.
This ticket can be closed.

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