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Showing objects matching 'hevc'

  • #3581 enhancement: HEVC video in FLV doesn't work (open)
  • #3854 enhancement: Does hevc support ARM (VFP and NEON) optimization? (open)
  • #4141 enhancement: HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p (open)
  • #4169 enhancement: Support BPG Image format (open)
  • #4365 defect: Multithreaded slice decoding in HEVC producing incorrect output (new)
  • #4500 enhancement: hevc does not support skip_frame (new)
  • #4807 defect: valgrind report uninitialized memory error muxing HEVC file (open)
  • #4813 defect: Remuxing hevc fails (open)
  • #4888 defect: 62bd8deef causes a regression in HEVC decoding / hevc needs support to ... (open)
  • #5514 defect: Interlaced HEVC Steam not Decoded Properly (open)
  • #5688 enhancement: Support hevc NAL units 62 and 63 (new)
  • #5755 enhancement: HEVC video stream obtained from Zavio D6320 IP camea can be decoded only ... (open)