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Showing objects matching 'dvbsub'

  • #2741 defect: Remuxing dvbsub to mkv fails (open)
  • #2909 enhancement: Make dvbsubs more compliant among stb's (new)
  • #3166 enhancement: Predefined SLConfigDescriptor is not implemented (new)
  • #4469 enhancement: DVB subtitles with multiple languages (new)
  • #4855 enhancement: Support subtitles in (most likely) broken old vdr recordings (new)
  • #5308 defect: dvbsubtitles always uses page_id of 1 (open)
  • #5328 defect: dvbsubtitles re encoding (new)
  • #5617 defect: Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer ... (open)
  • #5796 defect: ffmpeg recognises but does not process subtitle stream (new)
  • #5913 enhancement: teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub (new)
  • #5990 defect: Fail to merge a streamcopied SUP/DVBSUB subtitle in a TS or M2TS file (new)
  • #6248 defect: non monotonically increasing dts - skip badly broken subtitles (new)