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Showing objects matching 'duration'

  • #1558 defect: Artefacts and wrong duration when decoding a (possibly damaged) ... (open)
  • #2307 defect: Stream segmenter bug if total recorded length > 12 hours (new)
  • #2481 enhancement: libavformat doesn't update file duration when file size changes during ... (new)
  • #3199 defect: duration incorrect for mpeg file (new)
  • #3551 enhancement: Wrong duration shown for some FLV files (open)
  • #3683 defect: ffmpeg misdetects duration for mpeg file generated using ffmpeg (one ... (new)
  • #5935 defect: Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 (new)
  • #6028 defect: Wrong duration & other artifacts in captured mpeg stream (open)
  • #6703 defect: ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration (new)
  • #6704 defect: No duration for G.729 samples (new)
  • #6832 defect: wrong duration when convert mp4 (open)