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Showing objects matching 'dts'

  • #1759 defect: Bad video DTS value (new)
  • #2348 defect: Slowmotion when reencoding mpeg stream (new)
  • #2375 defect: FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames (reopened)
  • #2398 defect: Bad timestamps when remuxing h264 wtv to ts (open)
  • #2815 defect: rtmp stream plays badly (new)
  • #3572 defect: failure to remux h264 from mkv with pts < dts error (open)
  • #4643 defect: Multiple "Past duration 0.XXXXXX too large" and "dup=0 drop=1" messages ... (reopened)
  • #4768 enhancement: FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion (new)
  • #5184 defect: Incorrect pts at start of avi file (open)
  • #5260 defect: Issue while Playing Media File with RTSP Url using FFPLAY (new)
  • #5784 defect: Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity (new)
  • #6251 defect: copyts fails badly for negative start time (new)