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Showing objects matching 'cc'

  • #726 enhancement: support for copying SMPTE 436M caption tracks (open)
  • #1482 enhancement: Support eia_608 in wtv (open)
  • #1778 enhancement: EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding (reopened)
  • #2055 enhancement: wtvenc: support subtitle muxing (open)
  • #3172 enhancement: Closed captions in mov_text in f4v (new)
  • #4616 defect: Closed Captions: Data Ignored since exceeding screen width (open)
  • #5283 enhancement: Add bitstream filter to remove Closed Captions from h264 (new)
  • #5362 enhancement: SMPTE 292M EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning (new)
  • #5799 defect: Memory psudo-leak when FF_API_CODED_FRAME enabled (new)
  • #5851 defect: Option to remove tags from Closed Captions (open)
  • #5969 defect: Closed Captions broken with h264_qsv encoder (new)
  • #6105 defect: Closed captions not exported from mpeg2video (new)