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Showing objects matching 'alpha'

  • #2616 defect: support matrox mpeg-2 I-frame with alpha codec (m704 fourcc) (open)
  • #3571 defect: Drawtext fontcolor alpha not working with border (border and glyph would ... (open)
  • #3707 enhancement: Support decoding transparency information in dnxhd streams (new)
  • #3846 defect: The output video show a wrong alpha (new)
  • #4443 defect: Transparency gets lost when using palettegen / paletteuse (new)
  • #4444 defect: Transparency gets lost when scaling pal8 (new)
  • #4814 enhancement: swscale default alpha blending drops alpha (new)
  • #5302 enhancement: Support float in dpx (new)
  • #5622 defect: Image overlay with straight alpha (new)
  • #5995 defect: Blockiness and ringing in prores4444 encoded video with alpha (open)
  • #6265 defect: cineform decoder output invalid alpha (new)