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Showing objects matching 'ogg'

  • #868 enhancement: chained ogg video streams not supported with threads >1 (open)
  • #1690 enhancement: Support Ogg/Vorbis in avi (open)
  • #2507 defect: Unknown packet pts values in mpeg4-ogg sample (open)
  • #3039 defect: Support kate subtitles in ogg (new)
  • #3125 defect: \\ 'separator' in id3tag causes unwanted truncation of ffprobe output (reopened)
  • #3391 defect: Gaps in input timestamps cause invalid Ogg Opus output (open)
  • #3756 enhancement: Fails to identify video track in Ogg file (open)
  • #3825 defect: Wrong PTS in Ogg Vorbis file (new)
  • #4448 enhancement: Properly support cover art in ogg (open)
  • #6080 defect: Invalid negative granulepos on Ogg Theora packets reported as wildly large ... (new)
  • #6367 defect: ogg vorbis decode results in too many sample frames (open)
  • TheoraVorbisEncodingGuide A Brief Theora and Vorbis Encoding Guide