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Showing objects tagged with 'gdigrab'

  • #5005 enhancement: monitor index alias for gdigrab input specification as handy ... (new)
  • #5889 defect: FFmpeg doesn't record virtual screen via Jenkins (new)
  • #7718 defect: gdigrab windows10 Black or white screen (new)
  • #8744 defect: Transparency problem when capturing a window with gdigrab (new)
  • #8796 defect: Mouse cursor eventually disappears when grabbing desktop (new)
  • #9303 defect: Trimmed desktop (new)
  • #9413 enhancement: Feature request: WindowsGraphicsCapture API (new)
  • #9424 defect: gdigrab input device does not properly scale the screen after display ... (new)
  • #9473 defect: gdigrab screen captures are interrupted by secure desktop pop-ups (new)
  • #9926 defect: Mouse wrong scaling (new)
  • #10383 defect: GDI grab mouse vertical offset (new)
  • Capture/Desktop Linux