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Showing objects tagged with 'av1'

  • #9883 enhancement: FFmpeg AVIF decoder does not seem to handle transparency when decoding ... (open)
  • #10220 defect: AVIF image's alpha track is not being found (new)
  • #10266 defect: Issues when using av1_amf to encode a video (new)
  • #10389 defect: av1_amf ignores most quality/bitrate settings except for b:v (new)
  • #10446 enhancement: Support decoding with libsvtav1 (new)
  • #10608 defect: AV1 decoder gets "Static surface pool size exceeded" issue with ... (new)
  • #10642 enhancement: [hwaccel] AV1 hardware decoding for Apple M3 (new)
  • #10862 enhancement: Register AV1-related Dolby Vision codec tag - 'dav1' (new)
  • Encode/AV1 libaom