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Showing objects tagged with 'ass'

  • #1305 enhancement: Embedded ASS subtitle support (open)
  • #3971 enhancement: SSA in avi not detected (open)
  • #4465 defect: video filter ass does not load embedded font files (new)
  • #5291 defect: Wrong parsing when start time > end time in subtitles (.ass) (open)
  • #5756 defect: Robustness issue with nul character in ASS subtitle streams (open)
  • #7362 enhancement: Newline in subtitles: sub.ass - CRLF and sub.srt - LF (new)
  • #9001 defect: concat demuxed ASS subtitles don't work (new)
  • #9002 defect: subtitles filter fails to display all ASS subtitles (new)
  • #9227 defect: Cannot use any fonts including system fonts (new)
  • #9491 defect: ass/subtitle filter incorectly handles colorspaces (open)
  • #9581 defect: failing to convert ass to srt subs (new)
  • #10135 defect: matroska/ass: Wrong AVPacket duration set for ass events with 0 duration (new)