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Ticket Summary Status Type Component Version Created Modified
#1582 Banding/discoloration in darker gradients when converting to rgb24 open defect swscale git-master 7 years 5 years
#2252 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on XBox 360 extender reopened defect avformat git-master 6 years 4 years
#3087 Suspicion that valid random access point is not marked as keyframe in AVCHD samples from Panasonic Lumix GH1 (1080i material) open defect avcodec git-master 5 years 3 years
#3345 Bias in planar YUV to YUV bit depth conversion new defect swscale git-master 5 years 3 years
#4437 AVFoundation recording has consistent intermittent frame drops open defect avdevice git-master 4 years 2 years
#5227 H265 nvenc HLS stream new defect undetermined git-master 3 years 19 months
#6614 Set timecode to "now" new enhancement avutil unspecified 19 months 13 months
#1964 Request support for decoding / demuxing Adobe HDS dynamic http streaming open enhancement avformat git-master 6 years 3 years
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers open enhancement undetermined git-master 5 years 4 months
#5568 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/swscale.c open enhancement swscale git-master 3 years 9 months
#5569 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/output.c open enhancement swscale git-master 3 years 2 years
#5570 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/input.c open enhancement swscale git-master 3 years 2 years
#5818 encoing to interlaced with nvenc new enhancement avcodec git-master 3 years 21 months
#6091 support ds2 audio (dss pro audio) file format open sponsoring request avcodec git-master 2 years 11 months
#6521 HEIF support open enhancement avformat git-master 21 months 2 months
#6800 Keep MOV tags in "meta" atom during transcode new enhancement avformat git-master 17 months 17 months
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