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#2325 MP4 AAC Audio is delayed by 2ms when converted to PCM defect important undetermined git-master
#2421 DTS/PTS problems when trying to obtain synced video and audio files defect important undetermined git-master
#3361 aac_he mono not recogized (reported as stereo) defect important avcodec git-master
#3690 Field-encoded MPEG-2 samples allow to seek to a non-key frame / show artefacts defect important avcodec git-master
#4197 libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config defect important build system git-master
#4591 attachments mjpeg are discovered wrongly as video stream and therefore h264 encoding is broken defect important avformat git-master
#5286 ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau limited to h264 level 4.1 since avconv_vdpau: use the hwcontext API to simplify code defect important ffmpeg git-master
#5356 Segmentation fault defect important swscale git-master
#5474 pgssub with backward moving timestamps defect important ffmpeg git-master
#5684 fps wrong with codecpar defect important undetermined git-master
#5714 Memory leak using AVStream defect important avformat git-master
#5717 The udp timeout parameter is not work! (on windows) defect important undetermined git-master
#5748 M3U8 playback broken after seek in Safari OSX/iOS defect important undetermined unspecified
#5752 Crash when muxing webm_chunk defect important avformat git-master
#5783 Regression: circular buffer overrun on UDP stream under Windows. defect important avformat git-master
#5799 Memory psudo-leak when FF_API_CODED_FRAME enabled defect important avcodec git-master
#5970 No valid multicast port obtained from RTSP defect important undetermined unspecified
#6073 QSV (h264) encodes via CPU instead of GPU defect important avcodec git-master
#6287 HLS: error with no sync m3u8 playlist file and chunks defect important avformat git-master
#6312 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream defect important undetermined git-master
#6326 FFmpeg 3.3+3.4-dev crash when scaling to same dimensions with scale_npp defect important avfilter git-master
#6339 Win32 build is failed when using ICL defect important build system git-master
#6372 Live Streaming - process no longer terminates defect important ffmpeg 3.2.4
#6379 vaapi_encode_check_config invalid free defect important avcodec 3.2.4
#6396 Wrong timestamps for raw flac streams defect important avformat git-master
#6422 cannot parser ts file when like this format: (AUD)(PPS)(SPS)(PPS)(I-Slice) defect important avcodec git-master
#6453 RTMP handshake fails with some encoders defect important avformat git-master
#6464 videotoolbox decoding error defect important undetermined git-master
#6471 RTMPS stream does not work defect important avformat git-master
#6490 youtube live stream stopt play defect important avformat git-master
#6492 Intel QSV: "No device available for encoder" message is given defect important undetermined unspecified
#6495 Add low latency mode in nvcuvid/nvdecode enhancement important avcodec git-master
#6551 Broken demuxing of non-interleaved avi file defect important avformat git-master
#6588 Failure to decode some frames causing freeze defect important undetermined git-master
#6629 Assertion failed when specifying h264 format on v4l2 device that does NOT support h264 defect important avdevice git-master
#6654 AAC-file stay on pause through LAVSplitterSource right after start. defect important undetermined git-master
#6655 Downloading certain HLS streams as .ts; file has no time in video player (VLC, SMPlayer) defect important avformat git-master
#6686 Transcoding dvb recording fails defect important undetermined git-master
#6706 channel_layout option ignored for non default layouts defect important ffmpeg git-master
#6763 swscale: Out-of-bounds memory accesses defect important swscale git-master
#6840 An existing file AppKit/AppKit.h in the include path breaks compilation defect important build system 3.4
#6882 HEVC decoding regression with SAODBLK conformance samples defect important avcodec git-master
#6886 No maximum bitrate shown defect important undetermined git-master
#6927 FFMPEG version 3.4 gives wrong timestamps unless running with -advanced_editlist 0 defect important undetermined 3.4
#6937 When converting from APE program eats up 4 bytes. defect important undetermined git-master
#6939 make install clean regression defect important build system git-master
#6953 http(s) hls - the interrupt callback is not copied from parent avctx defect important avformat unspecified
#6964 Segmentation fault in Windows bash when using HTTP inputs defect important undetermined unspecified
#6970 can't detect video stream, too many packets buffered for output audio stream defect important avformat git-master
#7034 HLS does not demux entire clip if start_time > 0 defect important avformat git-master
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream defect important undetermined 3.4
#7049 HLS streaming crashes, when "http_persistent" option enabled defect important avformat git-master
#7054 stream_loop "Seek to start failed" with H.264 rawvideo file defect important ffmpeg git-master
#7060 nut needs definitions for P016 rawvideo defect important avformat git-master
#7123 GPAC file doesn't play with edit list parsing defect important avformat git-master
#7138 Generating encrypted HLS segments with the fmp4 format results in a segfault defect important avformat git-master
#7236 HLS stream input hangs defect important undetermined git-master
#7273 Exported AAC does not work properly defect important undetermined unspecified
#7358 Unable to use Lensfun defect important avfilter git-master
#7361 fps filter can drop only frame defect important avfilter git-master
#7365 H.264 decoding regression skipping first NAL defect important avcodec git-master
#7372 [regression][eac3] Unable to parse channels information while compiling with ac3 decoder disabled. defect important avcodec git-master
#7377 Jumping mp4 playback defect important avformat git-master
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps defect important ffmpeg git-master
#7528 Slice threading for geq causes visual artifacts defect important avfilter git-master
#7547 When relaying RTMP streams ffmpeg quits with av_interleaved_write_frame message defect important avformat git-master
#7570 fate-h264-conformance-frext-hpcafl_bcrm_c failes with THREADS=3 defect important avcodec git-master
#7587 Writing timecode track even with -dn specified defect important undetermined git-master
#7589 NewTek distributing non-free FFmpeg build license violation important undetermined unspecified
#7665 DJGPP: alignment silently reduced to 16 bytes with questionable reason defect important avutil git-master
#7666 Signed integer overflow when converting to ya16 defect important swscale git-master
#7762 extracting subtitle stream fails defect important avformat git-master
#7779 mcdeint slow mode SIGFPE defect important avfilter git-master
#7833 ffmpeg cant decode video file. defect important avformat git-master
#7835 crashes using crop with zscale defect important undetermined git-master
#7839 QVBR breaks mpeg2_qsv defect important avcodec git-master
#405 Rhozet Carbon Coder violates LGPL license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#504 Fixing av_seek_frame defect normal undetermined unspecified
#604 Multithreaded ffmpeg decode with DXVA2 hangs defect normal avcodec git-master
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) michael defect normal undetermined git-master
#978 wrong container fps when muxing raw Xvid to avi defect normal undetermined git-master
#982 Android app "Video Converted Android Beta" is published with nonfree codecs license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#1007 PMW-EX3 camera raw videos (mpeg2video/pcm_s16be/MP4): A/V out of sync in quicktime after transcoding to h264 with ffmpeg defect normal undetermined git-master
#1039 ORF-TVthek: Video on demand license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#1157 Circular buffer overrun with 4+ ffmpeg instances. defect normal undetermined 0.10.2
#1177 movie source: seek_point does not allow for accurate seeking (keyframe only) defect normal avfilter git-master
#1185 broken playback of rtsp streams - under windows at least defect normal avformat git-master
#1281 RTMP Streamig to is not working defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1309 Android(NDK) cannot compile thumb mode defect normal avcodec git-master
#1337 MPEG4 ASP does not seek to keyframe defect normal undetermined git-master
#1357 Memleak when avformat_open_input used together with avio_context defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1389 support setting bitrate for v4l UVC web cam with hardware h264 encoder enhancement normal undetermined unspecified
#1417 FFMPEG -bf flag with mpeg4 codec creates video that cant be played with WMP/MCE defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1446 Output via rtsp results in logs not displaying frame size nor bitrate defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1456 video will not stream defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1476 rtp pcm_alaw/pcm_mulaw streaming from ALSA defect normal undetermined git-master
#1487 ffmpeg's mpeg mux bug(s) never fixed... defect normal avformat git-master
#1520 allow mathematical expressions for -t and -ss enhancement normal undetermined unspecified
#1538 request_channels does not work for mpeg program stream defect normal undetermined git-master
#1556 Frame rate changed without changeing timestamps defect normal undetermined 0.11.1
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