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#27 FFPlay crashes with assertion on RTSP playback michael defect critical ffmpeg
#1201 Write Access Violation defect critical ffplay unspecified
#4125 MPEG4 remuxing defect critical avformat 2.4.3
#49 Ffmpeg gives error michael defect important ffmpeg 0.6.90-rc0
#216 ffplay cannot play mms:// defect important undetermined git-master
#423 ffmpeg.exe MOV to WebM x64 crash michael defect important undetermined unspecified
#642 double free or corruption fault when trying to extract still image with transpose defect important undetermined 0.8.6
#808 zzuf .avi crash FFMPEG memory exceeded defect important ffmpeg git-master
#911 ffplay can't handle timecodes of WMV2 video correctly defect important undetermined git-master
#1006 FFmpeg hang read udp stream mpegts defect important undetermined unspecified
#1122 H264 interlaced multithreaded decoding artifacts defect important avcodec git-master
#1318 BROKEN SOUND IN RTSP STREAM defect important avcodec git-master
#1338 FFMPEG creating broken MP4/Audio files with libx264 defect important undetermined unspecified
#1646 bad first_dts in h264 file defect important undetermined git-master
#2924 ffv1: deadlock with 8 threads defect important avcodec git-master
#3911 using avstream.codec.time_base as a timebase hint to the muxer is deprecated. set avstream.time_base instead. defect important undetermined 2.3
#5031 signal 7 (SIGBUS) android NDK defect important undetermined git-master
#5348 hls url stopt after after a few seconds defect important avformat git-master
#5368 I am Trying to find crashes in fffuzz using zzuf. defect important avcodec git-master
#5373 Crashes found using ZZuf in fffuzz defect important avcodec git-master
#5683 crashes of ffmpeg and ffplay when using zscale defect important avfilter git-master
#6031 Hang while converting WTV to MP4 defect important undetermined unspecified
#6447 libavcodec mjpeg huffman code segfaults with -qscale:v 2 on gcc 6.3.0 defect important avcodec git-master
#6484 libavfilter.a: File in wrong format defect important build system git-master
#7618 ffmpeg 32 bit crashed on x64 Windows for av01 format defect important undetermined git-master
#7844 32-bit FFMPEG - Libaom crashes defect important undetermined git-master
#187 3GP/MP4 performance regression defect normal undetermined unspecified
#288 Theora encode bitrate bug. defect normal avcodec
#321 Ffmpeg fails to detect format of piped input on some mp3 files defect normal undetermined unspecified
#337 FFmpeg's isaTTY check makes programatically parsing stderr impossible michael defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#388 Bug with deinterlacing! michael defect normal undetermined unspecified
#481 mpeg4 codec encoding bitrate (-b) is not honored defect normal avcodec git
#559 Can't decode .avi video defect normal avcodec git-master
#651 ffplay: Broken playback of H.264 RTSP streams defect normal undetermined git-master
#714 ffprobe crash on broken file defect normal avcodec git-master
#764 Increasing robustness of runlength decoding for scantable access in mpeg12.c defect normal avcodec unspecified
#828 Processing DV gives no output -- AC EOB marker is absent? defect normal undetermined unspecified
#857 Crystal HD crash when used during recoding defect normal avcodec git-master
#863 tiff: fix 2bpp LZW defect normal undetermined unspecified
#906 trying to launch ffserver, I get bind(port 8090): Address family not supported by protocol defect normal ffserver unspecified
#931 Remuxing Apple prores video defect normal ffmpeg unspecified
#949 Unable to compile ffmpeg with new libvpx version (1.0.0) defect normal build system git-master
#956 ffmpeg V0.10 cannot convert to a jpg file, but ffmpeg v0.9 can defect normal ffmpeg 0.10
#972 Can't mux aac in mp4 container defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#984 avio_alloc_context and callback on write defect normal avformat unspecified
#1066 ProRes Scaling using the "-vf scale" filter produces a green output defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1073 jpeg yuv444 input to yuv420 output defect normal avcodec unspecified
#1141 MXF - Segmentation fault (at one machine, not in other... version problem?) defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1149 wrong channels / poor playback for 7 channel dts defect normal undetermined git-master
#1192 non-interleaved AVI defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1209 library.mak:95: *** missing separator. Stop defect normal build system git-master
#1231 ffplay access violation on win64 defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1252 Build error on PPC64 linux with "-m64" defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1253 FFMpeg don't handle files with some characters defect normal ffmpeg 0.10.2
#1262 libutvideo enc: crash defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1297 FFMPEG creating stuttering MPEG-2 TS video files defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1436 transcoding .aac to mp4 defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1516 Possible dead loop while making snapshot from a MP4 defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1623 libutvideo fails to link to FFmpeg if assembly is enabled defect normal undetermined git-master
#1703 ffplay doesn't play any audio when given "mono" audio input in windows defect normal ffplay unspecified
#1963 ffv1 does not support threads enhancement normal avcodec git-master
#2038 Request for ffmpeg being able to join multiple files enhancement normal undetermined unspecified
#2110 Mov file when used with FFMPEG loses audio all together while track is there defect normal undetermined git-master
#2118 Reading option: -b:a is -b:a' ... matched as option 'b' (video bitrate (please use -b:v)) with argument '128k' defect normal undetermined unspecified
#2159 FFMPEG not consistently identifying audio tracks and selects audio track with no data defect normal undetermined unspecified
#2166 unable to use amovie=c:\full\path\to\file defect normal undetermined unspecified
#2265 Some http addresses cannot be opened defect normal avformat git-master
#2278 Regression bug : fails to copy MP3 tag defect normal undetermined git-master
#2427 FFmpeg sets incorrect codec in output stream with multiple maps defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#2433 FFMPEG reporting wrong video duration after encoding WTV to TS MPEG2 defect normal undetermined git-master
#2442 Filter sources do not free memory defect normal avfilter git-master
#2453 Applying h264_mp4toannexb on RTSP stream produces: "Failed to open bitstream filter...: Invalid Argument" defect normal undetermined git-master
#2498 Concat two files. defect normal avfilter 1.2
#2659 Compiling for i386 on 64bit OSX is hard defect normal build system git-master
#2742 Speex encoding does not allow for specifying complexity level defect normal avcodec unspecified
#2769 drawtext: draw expression on a range on frames enhancement normal avfilter unspecified
#2782 aac - Malformed AAC bitstream - incorrectly fixed with -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc' option defect normal avformat git-master
#2807 libopenjpeg v1.5.1 library discovery failed defect normal build system 2.0
#2816 configure --libdir doesn't seem to be working defect normal build system unspecified
#2912 splitting the first minute from a wav file generated a slightly too long file (off by 160 samples) defect normal ffmpeg 2.0.1
#3038 FFMPEG crashes encoding AAC audio at 32k/1ch AAC, but not at 31k/1ch or 33k/1ch defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3062 Concatenating ends with corrupted mp4 file. defect normal undetermined git-master
#3067 Start time incorrect for video stream in AVCHD sample of Panasonic Lumix GH2 defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3104 Impossible to disable jack or SDL defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3161 libvpx crf does nothing defect normal undetermined 2.0.2
#3163 Broadcast Wave Metadata not carried over with -codec:a copy defect normal avformat git-master
#3279 artefacts on ffh264_vdpau decoder. defect normal undetermined 2.1.1
#3379 HEVC decoding is not multi-threaded defect normal undetermined git-master
#3401 DVB subtitles not shown defect normal undetermined git-master
#3431 ffmpeg 2.2 doesn't recognize -cookies option. defect normal avformat git-master
#3489 Failure to copy AVI to AVI with MP2 present defect normal undetermined git-master
#3498 FFmpeg hangs when recording internet radio AAC stream defect normal undetermined git-master
#3591 Setting the audio bitrate for the second (or all following) streams does not work defect normal undetermined git-master
#3625 Unscaled conversion from yuv420p to gray is slow defect normal swscale git-master
#3654 amerge creating audio with echo or silence defect normal avfilter git-master
#3656 Can not set timeout AVOptions defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3730 libx265 ignores threads option. defect normal undetermined git-master
#3808 Seeking in flv with video stream disabled fails defect normal avformat unspecified
#3820 pgs subtitle inside mkv not found defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3826 Can't get frame of a video just from specific second defect normal undetermined unspecified
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