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#228 FFserver: reordering of "<Stream>"s in config file makes difference baptiste defect important ffserver git
#372 spdifenc does an output not correct defect important avformat git
#474 SIG SEV in clear_blocks_sse in ff_h263_decode_mb defect important avcodec git
#622 swscale crash when convert PIX_FMT_YUV420P -> PIX_FMT_YUVJ420P michael defect important swscale unspecified
#630 "make install" not installing libraries defect important build system unspecified
#686 WMV2 crash defect important avcodec 0.8.7
#713 sws_scale crashes after deinterlacing with avpicture_deinterlace (only on recent versions of FFmpeg) defect important undetermined git-master
#731 h264 video frames inside m2ts container get altered after commit 13b7781ec8d475513c1ee40a6e481763b728a71e defect important undetermined git-master
#939 FFplay issue when SDL compiled with GCC 4.6.2 defect important ffplay git-master
#1028 undefined reference to `cv::getOptimalDFTSize(int)' defect important ffmpeg 0.10
#1036 Detect frame distortion with ffmpeg / ffprobe task important undetermined unspecified
#1037 avcodec_alloc_context3 and avcodec_alloc_frame causes app to exit on Android 3.2 defect important avcodec 0.10
#1072 jpeg decoder crashes on 854x480 image on arm7 defect important avcodec git-master
#1118 Conversion for WebM doest work defect important undetermined
#1326 non-existing SPS XX referenced in buffering period - error while encoding UDP stream defect important undetermined git-master
#1355 FFmpeg audio video sync issue defect important undetermined git-master
#1499 x11grab BadCursor defect important undetermined git-master
#1541 flv hangs on ff_vp3_idct_add_neon on ARM Cortex-A8 with gstreamer defect important avcodec git-master
#1802 Segmentation fault with ffserver defect important undetermined unspecified
#1886 avformat_write_header crashes on writing Live Smooth Streaming video defect important avformat git-master
#2234 FFMPEG crashes when trying to convert from PIX_FMT_YUV420P for specfic size of images defect important avcodec unspecified
#2354 ffmpeg windows crash defect important undetermined git-master
#2503 ffmpeg seek function seems to have lost frame accuracy on latest git defect important undetermined unspecified
#2791 ffmpeg-master fails @ "non-existing PPS referenced"; ffmpeg-release/0.11 OK with same input defect important undetermined git-master
#3116 resource leaks,handle leaks(WIN7,avcodec_decode_video2,threads) defect important undetermined git-master
#3142 FFserver ignores encoding params in stream context defect important ffserver unspecified
#3243 ff_put_h264_chroma_mc8_neon iOS defect important avcodec 2.1.1
#3446 ffmpeg.exe crash on windows 32 bits defect important undetermined git-master
#3480 Playback video with planar audio to decklink card crashes defect important undetermined git-master
#3504 Memory allocation error when coding very long files using libx264 defect important undetermined 2.1.4
#3515 Crashes or artifacts when playing a specific file/stream defect important undetermined unspecified
#3895 Multiple issues around the new function of -max_error_rate defect important ffmpeg git-master
#3950 HEVC HM10 crash defect important avcodec unspecified
#3974 ffplay crashing with some resolutions in linux terminal defect important ffplay unspecified
#4365 Multithreaded slice decoding in HEVC producing incorrect output defect important avcodec git-master
#4458 Segmentation fault on usage of libraries defect important undetermined
#4873 crashes in h264 decoder(decode_postinit) defect important avcodec unspecified
#4945 potential regression on drawtext timecode defect important undetermined git-master
#5439 Decoding issue defect important avcodec git-master
#5463 random crashes when reading realtime updated metadata from text file defect important undetermined git-master
#5507 ffplay crashes when decoding h265 over rtsp defect important avcodec git-master
#5584 FFmpeg libraries leak 1MiB memory chunks on corrupt files defect important undetermined git-master
#5612 Capture card with H264 output pin crash defect important undetermined git-master
#5614 VDA output error and pixelation frames defect important avcodec git-master
#5739 Invalid RTCP SR package sent by ffmpeg defect important undetermined unspecified
#5875 concat regression with mp4 defect important undetermined git-master
#5974 Segmented recording not working in FFmpeg version 3.2 defect important undetermined unspecified
#6240 HandBrake 1.0.3 segfaults or encodes 0 frames with FFmpeg 3.1.7 (works with 3.2.4) defect important undetermined 3.1.5
#6241 hls_flags delete_segments – file desctriptors not freeing, ffmpeg segfaults when system limit is reached stevenliu defect important avformat git-master
#6309 ffmpeg crashes while trying to convert gif defect important undetermined git-master
#6412 Persistent Error and process crash defect important undetermined unspecified
#6493 filter_complex Segmentation fault (core dumped) defect important undetermined git-master
#6768 no png output allowed defect important undetermined git-master
#6852 Encoding process gets stuck and cpu load goes to 100% on Linux (ffmpeg version 2.8.13) defect important undetermined 2.8.11
#6859 2pass moov not written and block ffmpeg if RTMP input stream stops before defect important undetermined git-master
#6930 a bug with bug with --enable-libvorbis only with latest version defect important build system git-master
#6936 double free or corruption in remove_decoded_packets() defect important avformat git-master
#6938 ffmpeg crashed with the m3u8 url format in windows build defect important undetermined git-master
#7088 Dropped video frames from iOS 11 Screen Record Videos lead to an Unsynced video defect important undetermined unspecified
#9 libswscale MMX2 giving videos a pink lined overlay michael defect normal swscale git
#63 Purple bars appear when scaling a video with ffmpeg for windows defect normal undetermined git
#115 Segmentation fault while running several instance at the same time defect normal undetermined unspecified
#234 Segmentation fault when using -ac 2 michael defect normal undetermined git
#246 Add support for mdat-only 3GP enhancement normal undetermined git-master
#253 invalid stream time_base for avi/aac, after av_write_header() defect normal avformat git-master
#258 RTP over UDP: doesn't reorder packets defect normal avformat git-master
#266 ARM: "size of array is negative" in mpegvideo_arm.c defect normal avcodec git-master
#274 av_seek_frame fails on some files. defect normal avformat git-oldabi
#304 wrong detection: "Format mp3 detected only with small score of 1" defect normal avformat 0.7.1
#323 [patch] properly detect and compile with opencv 2.2+ enhancement normal avfilter unspecified
#342 Crash when retrying with TCP defect normal undetermined git-master
#367 error encoding mov file created in photobooth to mp4 defect normal undetermined git
#370 Unable to decode packet capture into .AVI. michael task normal undetermined unspecified
#386 Missing audio and subtitle streams in vob file defect normal undetermined unspecified
#393 H264 + FF_THREAD_SLICE + w32thread crashes defect normal avcodec 0.8.1
#404 Rounding error in scaling expression defect normal undetermined git
#406 QuickTime Error: "Error -2041: an invalid sample description was found in the movie" michael defect normal avformat git-master
#446 Error when using "-vcodec libx264" and "-flags +global_header" michael defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#451 avformat NOT creating avi file on 32 bit Mac 10.6 defect normal avformat 0.8.2
#462 Broken SSE instruction under MinGW (Windows) defect normal avcodec git-master
#473 Option to ignore defect frames enhancement normal undetermined git-master
#485 libx264 does a hidden renice when running multi-threaded !?! michael defect normal undetermined 0.8.3
#501 Extract thumbnails with -ss from WMV big michael defect normal undetermined unspecified
#506 FFMPEG32 Windows Build CRASH michael defect normal undetermined unspecified
#509 Non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream defect normal avcodec 0.8.4
#562 I am trying to encode the TS of Japanese terrestrial shows but "PES packet size mismatch" occurs. michael defect normal undetermined git-master
#572 Video conversion fails with error " Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream" defect normal undetermined unspecified
#593 ffmpeg + libx264: Input picture width is greater than stride defect normal undetermined unspecified
#597 mkv -> avi [just copying streams] PROBLEM michael defect normal undetermined git-master
#603 FFmpeg can't display file information michael enhancement normal ffmpeg unspecified
#734 Cannot decode rtmp stream - channel element 0.0 is not allocated defect normal undetermined unspecified
#773 Decoding H.264 gets stuck with Win XP, w32threads, and custom AVCodecContext.get_buffer defect normal avcodec 0.9
#782 mpegaudiodec segfault defect normal avcodec unspecified
#824 Segfault while using h264 hardware acceleration defect normal avcodec git-master
#884 Wrong duration on long video from HDPVR defect normal ffmpeg 0.9
#953 0.10 - Input channel layout isnt supported defect normal undetermined 0.10
#963 [PATCH] Fraps: restore old behavior regarding P frames defect normal avcodec git-master
#1010 rtsp dump fails and yields non playable video (invalid droping) defect normal undetermined unspecified
#1015 Encode/Decode issues with ProRes 444 Sample defect normal undetermined git-master
#1023 High frequency audio defect normal undetermined unspecified
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