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#280 no audio working on .mov file using ffprobe/ffplay/ffmpeg defect critical undetermined unspecified
#282 undefined reference to `_avdevice_register_all' michael defect critical build system git
#391 multiple definition of `_DXVA2_Fixed32OpaqueAlpha' michael defect critical avcodec git
#460 multiple definition of `_SDL_GetError' defect critical build system git-master
#1202 Read Access Violation in memcpy defect critical ffplay unspecified
#1593 Build failure: apetag.c:160:9: error: non-void function 'ff_ape_parse_tag' should return a value [-Wreturn-type] defect critical avformat git-master
#1773 The output video was all green defect critical ffmpeg 0.8.12
#1818 avformat_alloc_output_context2 function call defect critical avformat 0.11.2
#3203 Windows MSVC configure failed. defect critical build system git-master
#152 order of options matters when it shouldn't defect important undetermined unspecified
#361 avcodec_decode_audio3 SEGFAULT while decoding certain codec types defect important avcodec git
#529 Regression: Decoding of AVCHD H.264 Material fails defect important avcodec unspecified
#541 Constant in drawtext not working defect important avfilter 0.8.5
#556 mkv [avc, aac] to mp4 with -vcodec copy - acodec copy can't proceed. michael defect important ffmpeg unspecified
#799 Crash in x264_predict_8x8_filter_ssse3() on Windows x86 defect important undetermined 0.8.7
#818 eror to convert file avi to mp4 defect important undetermined unspecified
#843 ffmpeg fails to properly create avi from jpegs when frame rate <= 3 defect important ffmpeg unspecified
#853 codec_names.h isn't present but included defect important avcodec 0.9
#872 av_rescale_q returns wrong 64bits in arm cortex-a8 processor michael defect important avutil git-master
#898 -vframes is totally ignored from ffmpeg version N-32355-g4f7dfe1 and above defect important ffmpeg unspecified
#1053 Crash on avcodec_default_release_buffer defect important avcodec 0.10
#1056 FFMPEG unable to select or copy multiple audio tracks in a TS file defect important undetermined git-master
#1196 drawtext parameter keys "n" and "t" not working defect important avfilter unspecified
#1198 Invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer (regression) defect important undetermined git-master
#1285 rtsp stream from dreambox dm800 via ffserver defect important ffserver unspecified
#1396 Commit 32d545e0 breaks binary backward compatibility defect important avformat git-master
#1443 MingGW: error: 'HAVE_MIPSFPU' undeclared defect important build system git-master
#1453 Segfault when decoding H264 video defect important avcodec git-master
#1547 How to use FFMPEG to convert group of images to movie in android . defect important ffmpeg unspecified
#1548 avcodec ignores profile when using ffmpeg C API defect important avcodec 0.10.4
#1645 Duration calculation error when -ss precedes -i defect important avformat git-master
#1650 ffmpeg does not process image sequences that do not start at frame 1 well defect important avformat git-master
#1813 ASS filter does not accept filenames with ' defect important documentation 1.0
#1851 libswscale does incorrect range conversion for RGB->YUV and RGB->RGB defect important swscale git-master
#1876 vc1dec.c multi-threading decode crash issue defect important avcodec unspecified
#2113 Example code how to access GPIO and SPI bus with Raspberry defect important undetermined unspecified
#2518 newbie question defect important undetermined unspecified
#3045 x11grab does not handle missed frames properly defect important undetermined git-master
#3276 ffplay in two-monitor setup crashes when launched from secondary monitor on Mac Os 10.9.1 defect important ffplay git-master
#3370 SIGILL (Illegal instruction) when transcoding with libvpx-vp9 defect important undetermined git-master
#3449 av_parser_parse2 fails on H264 elementary stream defect important avcodec git-master
#3630 ffserver crashes when a client disconnect reynaldo defect important ffserver git-master
#3675 Crash while trying to feed to ffserver defect important avcodec git-master
#3722 Illegal instruction, SIGILL when encoding libvpx-vp9 defect important avcodec git-master
#3731 ffserver daemon mode defect important ffserver git-master
#4014 SIGSEGV might occur if you press first the q key in libvpx-vp9 defect important undetermined git-master
#4181 libilbc segfault defect important undetermined git-master
#4273 ffmpeg crashes with Invalid argument error defect important ffmpeg git-master
#4373 ffmpeg trouble reading mp3 with ID3v2.3 tag, metadata missing and incorrect defect important ffmpeg git-master
#4413 crash in second pass of VP9 encoding defect important avcodec git-master
#4417 v210 is lossy with values below 0x00000001 defect important avcodec git-master
#4574 The x11grab input refuses to capture the full screen claiming the capture area is outside the screen size defect important avdevice git-master
#4587 ouf-of-boundry memory access in cabac(H264) defect important avcodec unspecified
#4701 XMP Data No longer showing using FFPROBE defect important undetermined unspecified
#4749 firefox crashes in ffmpeg code (2.7.2 and git versions) defect important avcodec git-master
#4774 Incompatibilities between XBMC/Kodi & mkvalidator relating to how FFmpeg muxes MKVs defect important avformat git-master
#4779 Crash with recent libx265 defect important avcodec git-master
#4780 FFMpeg ignores the logfile of first pass when encoding through libxvid defect important undetermined git-master
#4961 Invalid free(); ffio_ensure_seekback (aviobuf.c:829) defect important avformat git-master
#5042 Bad_access while decoding camera stream video frame using FFMpeg iOS defect important avcodec git-master
#5048 -map 0:v causes segfaults on 2pass libvpx-vp9 on multi video-track file defect important undetermined git-master
#5051 ffmpeg obtains only first 1024 bytes for some RTSP streams defect important avformat unspecified
#5109 SIGBUS ("Bus error") on ARMv7 (ODROID-XU4) for video encoding with libx264 defect important undetermined git-master
#5145 Raspberry pi 2 - Sigbus error when outputting to .mov .h264 defect important undetermined git-master
#5177 Errors with FFMPEG on Ubuntu 16.04 While Using AMERGE: Segmentation Fault, et al defect important avfilter unspecified
#5222 ffmpeg crashing for large "-filter_complex_script" inputs defect important undetermined git-master
#5289 frame.h:171: error: redefinition of 'struct AVFrame' defect important undetermined unspecified
#5485 Memory leak in MPEG2 encoder with all versions >= 2.8 defect important undetermined unspecified
#5500 ff_h264_decode_nal crash on iOS 32/64 bit defect important avcodec git-master
#5597 Metadata Lost on Transcode to MP3 defect important undetermined git-master
#5610 FFmpeg Libraries Seek Wildly On Opening W64-Format Files Via VIO defect important avformat git-master
#5644 Concat protocol broken defect important undetermined git-master
#5861 ffplay receives fullscreen event twice with 'f' since SDL2 (regression) defect important ffplay git-master
#5869 ffserver crash when GET sdp file defect important ffserver 3.1.5
#5886 Crash in swscale defect important swscale git-master
#6020 DTS decoder produces invalid sample format for last frame defect important avcodec git-master
#6115 Compilation in Debian stable/oldstable broken defect important avutil git-master
#6151 ffserver crashes after requesting /status defect important ffserver git-master
#6304 Unable to parse some subtitles with a system ffmpeg compiled HandBrake defect important undetermined unspecified
#6446 Regression problem with opus audio (old api) defect important avcodec git-master
#6642 GPU hang in decoding hevc video by using ffmpeg defect important undetermined git-master
#6692 ffmpeg crashed when libx264rgb and preset is used defect important undetermined unspecified
#6695 avformat_new_stream() and cur_dts defect important avformat git-master
#6714 MOV file with svq3 video fails to decode if edit list parsing is enabled defect important avformat git-master
#6884 Crash if libvmaf model file has DOS line endings or can't be found defect important avfilter git-master
#6965 Native aac encoder broken for 5.1 side input and at least some decoders defect important avcodec git-master
#7232 hevc_nvenc: Cannot get the preset configuration: invalid version (15) defect important undetermined unspecified
#7472 double free detected in avcodec_close after rtmp streaming with h264 codec defect important avcodec unspecified
#1 Test michael task normal ffmpeg
#4 MP3 file with unsynchronised id3v2 tag is not read correctly michael defect normal avformat git
#17 FFPlay set different pts from ffmpeg for AVFilterBufferRef michael defect normal ffmpeg
#19 MVs not available michael defect normal ffmpeg 0.6
#31 ERROR: libtheora not found michael defect normal ffmpeg
#32 too long time waste on the part before intended snippet and encode zero frame when encode a rmvb file to an avi snippet michael defect normal ffmpeg git
#41 Channel layout is broken for multiple audio input streams (with different channel layout) michael defect normal ffmpeg git
#54 Install failed - allformats & libavformat error? michael defect normal ffmpeg git
#65 Ambiguous --enable-non-free option enhancement normal undetermined unspecified
#77 Incomplete result michael defect normal ffmpeg git
#91 ffplay - amv file plays upside-down defect normal undetermined unspecified
#111 Recent Windows File task normal undetermined unspecified
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