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#7110 Recognize HEVC fourCC input open wish avformat git-master
#7112 FFmpeg should support hwaccel to handle device lost issue new wish avcodec git-master
#7119 Applying 3d LUT during h264 hardware encoding (lut3d filter + h264_vaapi) new wish ffmpeg unspecified
#7127 FFmpeg does not display multi language chapter titles open wish avformat git-master
#7140 minterpolate filter does not work on huge video files new wish avfilter git-master
#7163 12-bit ProRes not supported reopened wish avcodec unspecified
#7172 vc1 luma and chroma scaling is not supported new wish avcodec git-master
#7185 Preserve codec delay/initial padding and trailing padding during muxing new wish avformat git-master
#7190 feature request: program_opencl new parameter 'plane' new wish avfilter git-master
#7191 Allow to set number of cpu cores for --enable-lto new wish build system git-master
#7208 Input channel layout '5 channels (FL+FR+FC+LFE+BL)' is not supported new wish undetermined git-master
#7231 Cineform sample format 2 new wish avcodec git-master
1 2 3 4 5 6
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