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#4178 Opus audio in MKV container mkv opus regression open vigneshvg defect important
#4528 [regression] [matroska] Codec for stream 1 does not use global headers but container format requires global headers mkv regression reopened defect important
#4591 attachments mjpeg are discovered wrongly as video stream and therefore h264 encoding is broken mkv regression new defect important
#5752 Crash when muxing webm_chunk crash SIGSEGV mkv new defect important
#259 framerate detection does not work properly. (mkv with default duration != actual average duration) vc1 pulldown mkv fps open defect normal
#1555 WebM: Silent track not taken into account if followed by a noisy track mkv roundup async open defect normal
#1558 Artefacts and wrong duration when decoding a (possibly damaged) matroska file mkv duration roundup open defect normal
#2429 matroska h264 building wrong index_entries list mkv new defect normal
#2786 last packet of TTA stream in Matroska isn't decoded correctly mkv tta reopened defect normal
#3149 Matroska muxer does not generate cues for audio files mkv new defect normal
#3360 Metadata key for matroska default flag mkv new enhancement normal
#4848 Tagging of webm files is incomplete mkv new defect normal
#4904 Broken vp9 decoding after failed seek in webm file mkv vp9 seek new defect normal
#5641 Support WebVTT according to MKV specs webvtt mkv open defect normal
#5756 Robustness issue with nul character in ASS subtitle streams ass mkv open defect normal
#5784 Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity dts mkv edts mov regression new defect normal
#5879 Remove all metadata does not work with MKV files mkv regression new defect normal
#6207 Wrong mkv codec ID for ac3 with bitstream_id > 8 mkv ac3 new defect normal
#6841 1ms gap in WebM Opus files encoded with ffmpeg mkv opus open defect normal
#6979 Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 2: 23309 >= 23226 av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument mkv pgssub new defect normal
#7064 External subtitle files cause wrong interleaving mkv new defect normal
#7182 Asynchronity when muxing Opus in Matroska mkv, opus new defect normal
#7549 Matroska Edition Titles used as Segment Title mkv new defect normal
#7714 AV_NOPTS_VALUE as DTS after seeking MKV mkv new defect normal
#7800 ffmpeg fails to get the duration of some webm files mkv duration new defect normal
#6386 Timebase is written as frame duration for mkv if framerate is unkown webm mkv new defect minor
#3123 Request: Support MKV files with ordered chapters mkv new enhancement wish
#3602 Use Matroska A_QUICKTIME instead of deprecated A_QUICKTIME/**** (A_QUICKTIME/QDMC, A_QUICKTIME/QDM2) Codec IDs. mkv new enhancement wish
#4237 Improve matroska muxing for players that don't implement the full Matroska specification mkv regression new enhancement wish
#4489 mkv cropping videolan mkv cropping new enhancement wish
#5434 add support of WebVTT subtitles in Matroksa files mkv new enhancement wish
#5698 support for Matroska's EditionFlagOrdered mkv new enhancement wish
#7017 Automatic reservation for index space for matroska mkv new enhancement wish
#7127 FFmpeg does not display multi language chapter titles mkv open enhancement wish
#7185 Preserve codec delay/initial padding and trailing padding during muxing mkv mov new enhancement wish
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