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#1810 ffprobe: some .m4a files' metatags are not read by ffprobe mov metadata open defect normal
#2493 support filter options within ffprobe ffrprobe, filters, metadata new enhancement normal
#3040 ICY metadata not handled when using HTTP chunked transfer ICY METADATA CHUNK new defect normal
#3259 MP4 chapter metadata issues: map_metadata failures mov chapters metadata new defect normal
#3267 MP4 chapter metadata issues: weird/superfluous text streams mov chapters metadata open defect normal
#3623 Mixed results writing M4A metadata mov metadata reopened defect normal
#5831 HDR Metadata in Encoding metadata, hdr new enhancement normal
#6103 When trying to set the audio track metadata language to 'und' (undefined) ffmpeg switches to 'eng' (English) metadata new defect normal
#7116 Unecessary warning? ffmetadata new defect minor
#7784 ffmpeg/lavf changes the case of metadata keys ogg metadata new defect minor
#1158 support iXML riff chunk metadata iXML riff open enhancement wish
#6800 Keep MOV tags in "meta" atom during transcode mov metadata bounty new enhancement wish
#7317 showinfo filter add metadata mode metadata new enhancement wish
#7322 metadata,ID3,ontextdata,wowza,mp4 data get lost mov flv metadata open enhancement wish
#7579 ID3 metadata not written in WAV wav metadata new enhancement wish
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