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#3313 ffmpeg can't receive the UDP multicasted MPEGTS streams udp deadlock reopened defect important
#4832 Freeze when scaling and encoding h264_qsv qsv deadlock open IvUs defect important
#7076 Opus encoder hangs with some input files opus deadlock new defect important
#7572 Infinite loop during getting single frame (image2) from HLS/fmp4 video file deadlock mov open defect important
#7578 converting to ogg (opus) with wrong -ss leads to infinite loop opus deadlock open defect important
#5374 Infinite loop in paletteuse on pix_fmt change paletteuse deadlock open defect normal
#5908 audiotoolbox ac3 decoder will hang on some inputs audiotoolbox deadlock osx new defect normal
#6724 FFmpeg freezes while downloading an HLS stream hls deadlock new defect normal
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