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#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing open defect normal git-master
#7787 Examples don't flush the decoder causing missing frames new defect normal git-master
#3650 configure fails for VS2013 if environment variable 'CL' was set open defect minor git-master
#3947 Inconsistent and confusing setting of refs with libx264 open defect minor git-master
#4706 av_guess_codec ignores short_name, filename, and mime_type open defect minor git-master
#4944 -r output option misguiding documentation open defect minor git-master
#5838 avcodec_open2 doesn't open raw video codec unles parameters in context are set reopened enhancement minor git-master
#5849 Add full support for H264 in libavcodec (Encoding & Decoding) new enhancement minor git-master
#5917 applehttp vs hls in documentation new defect minor git-master
#5945 Lavfi & filter_complex ignore fps filter open defect minor git-master
#6033 unsharp filter documentetion additional description. new enhancement minor git-master
#6872 HTML generation differences (@subheading missing, formatting) in local build compared to official build new defect minor git-master
#7004 Documentation: please clarify jpeg2000 encoding quality range open defect minor git-master
#7520 ffmpeg -vstats_file content description open Gyan enhancement minor git-master
#7738 Add explanation for '+' and '-' at option -flags, -movflags etc. open Gyan defect minor git-master
#7832 Compact items on man page new enhancement minor git-master
#1698 ffmpeg daemon mode lacks documentation open michael enhancement wish git-master
#3018 Provide online documentation for stable and git/master open enhancement wish 2.0.1
#5781 Improve documentation and examples for AVCodecParameters related functions reopened enhancement wish git-master
#7740 Missing '-'prefix on ffmpeg options reopened enhancement wish unspecified
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