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#4591 attachments mjpeg are discovered wrongly as video stream and therefore h264 encoding is broken cus new defect important
#6375 [bug][regression] Too many packets buffered for output stream cus,, reopened defect important
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps cus new defect important
#2507 Unknown packet pts values in mpeg4-ogg sample open defect normal
#3027 tee muxer do not catch exception when slave fall dow new defect normal
#5245 Video on SDI output of DeckLink freezes, new defect normal
#5761 GOP inconsistencies when transcoding H.264 to MPEG2 MXF new defect normal
#6891 FFplay: WASAPI can't initialize audio client (zeranoe's FFmpeg 3.4 MS Windows binaries) cus new defect normal
#7542 Low encoding performance depending on input method with filter complex cus new defect normal
#7905 ISO 639-2 Code "frm" Support cus new defect normal
#368 enable interface selection for udp multicast on ipv6 michael, cus new enhancement wish
#2104 anti-epilepsy bright flash remover video filter, cus open enhancement wish
#5913 teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub cus new enhancement wish
#6615 ffplay prompeg playback cus new enhancement wish
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