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#615 ALSA buffer xrun open defect normal undetermined
#1389 support setting bitrate for v4l UVC web cam with hardware h264 encoder new enhancement normal undetermined
#1663 Multiple named pipes don't work new defect normal undetermined
#1723 Stream selection doesn't check the existence of the stream new defect normal undetermined
#1199 Playlist support open enhancement wish avformat
#1452 image2 to support %t reopened enhancement wish avformat
#1753 Delay output for X seconds open enhancement wish avfilter
#2463 ffspeak new enhancement wish undetermined
#2623 Automated crash report reopened enhancement wish undetermined
#2631 fade filter offset from the end of stream open enhancement wish avfilter
#2789 2-pass processing of inputs, generating statistics new enhancement wish undetermined
#3340 A feature like "sout-keep" in VLC new enhancement wish undetermined
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