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#6379 vaapi_encode_check_config invalid free crash vaapi new defect important
#7706 20-30% perf drop in FFmpeg (H264) transcode performance with VAAPI vaapi regression open defect important
#6276 h264_vaapi & nvenc do not preserve aspect ratio changes vaapi nvenc aspect new defect normal
#6668 MPEG2 decoding failed with FFMPEG-VAAPI vaapi_mpeg.c, mpeg2 new defect normal
#7392 Filter "sharpen" on Vaapi encoding vaapi, sharpen new task normal
#7523 VAAPI: Fail to Decode an H264 LP Multi-Slice Encoded Video vaapi new defect normal
#7525 VAAPI: Transcoding MJPEG to VP9 fails on GeminiLake vaapi, vp9 new defect normal
#7526 VAAPI HEVC Encoder Bitrate parameter no longer works in Master compared to 4.0.x vaapi regression new defect normal
#7722 [FFmpeg-vaapi][mpeg2 decode] failed setup for format vaapi_vld: hwaccel initialisation returned error vaapi new defect normal
#7723 [FFmpeg-vaapi][vp8 decode] Failed to end picture decode issue: 23 (internal decoding error) vaapi new defect normal
#7724 [FFmpeg-vaapi] HEVC 4K/FHD to AVC 4K/FHD transcoding failed vaapi new defect normal
#7775 [FFmpeg-vaapi][vp9] error message when play a vp9 stream vaapi new defect normal
#643 VAAPI dynamic loading VAAPI open enhancement wish
#6299 Add option for filler / nal-hrd cbr to h264_vaapi encoder similar to the libx264 encoder vaapi h264 new enhancement wish
#7119 Applying 3d LUT during h264 hardware encoding (lut3d filter + h264_vaapi) lut3d h264_vaapi new enhancement wish
#7519 VAAPI: Allow software fallback to be disabled on command-line vaapi new enhancement wish
#7764 Support for HW accelerated 10-bit -> 8-bit conversion support vaapi new enhancement wish
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