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#5 jp2k muxed into mov by FFmpeg can't be played by QuickTime j2k mov roundup open defect normal
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC aac mov reopened defect normal
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) h264 mov reopened defect normal
#1069 Canon Powershot playback / conversion h264 mov open defect minor
#1286 qt tiff pal8 enc: wrong colors in qt mov pal8 open defect minor
#1484 Width and Height wrong on mov file mov cropping h263 open enhancement wish
#1485 Support for Quicktime CLEF/TAPT atoms mov open enhancement normal
#1559 cannot seek in .m4a file mov roundup seek open defect normal
#1600 remux of xdcam mxf to mov is unplayable in Final Cut Pro mov reopened defect normal
#1735 Problems with quicktime reference clips mov new defect normal
#1762 mp4 file with 2 'mp4a' boxes in a 'stsd' box mov mp4a stsd new enhancement wish
#1799 movie: loop option doesn't seem to work movie open defect normal
#1810 ffprobe: some .m4a files' metatags are not read by ffprobe mov metadata open defect normal
#2044 timecode copying error with variable frame rate QuickTime files timecode, mov, vfr new defect normal
#2085 h264 remuxed from flv to mov fails on Android (duplicated SPS) h264 flv mov open defect normal
#2094 Forward seeking in svq3-in-mov impossible mov svq3 seek new defect normal
#2149 referenced qt chapter not found mov open defect normal
#2260 FFmpeg doesn't auto-select subtitle codec for MP4 mov new defect normal
#2325 MP4 AAC Audio is delayed by 2ms when converted to PCM aac mov regression new defect important
#2400 A/V desync for separate video and aac in mp4 input files mov aac regression desync open defect important
#2573 Remuxed XDCAM mov does not play correctly in Quicktime player mov reopened enhancement wish
#2613 Bad playback of mov samples containing pcm audio mov desync new defect normal
#2658 Written mp4 with h264/AAC doesnt use fps as video timebase (discrepancy with libav) mov, libav new defect normal
#2667 console spamming when decoding a h264 / mp4 stream h264 mov reopened defect minor
#2809 AAC output does not play on Nintendo devices aac mov new defect normal
#2865 Front Center, Downmix Left, and Downmix Right unlabelled in QTPlayer chan mov new enhancement wish
#3023 Information lost when remuxing DTS from MKV to MP4 mov new defect normal
#3148 SubRip subtitles to TX3G problems when the millisecond in the presentation timestamp are not a multiple of 10 subrip mov_text mov new defect normal
#3172 Closed captions in mov_text in f4v sub cc mov new enhancement wish
#3251 Since version 1.1 ffmpeg produces DNxHD files with wrong codec time base. dnxhd mov new defect normal
#3259 MP4 chapter metadata issues: map_metadata failures mov chapters metadata new defect normal
#3267 MP4 chapter metadata issues: weird/superfluous text streams mov chapters metadata open defect normal
#3375 FFmpeg doesn't set the right language code for Dutch tracks mov open defect normal
#3617 ffmpeg creates chapter marks in encoding unreadable to quicktime mov new defect minor
#3622 Second audio track in mov sometimes marked as default mov regression reopened defect important
#3623 Mixed results writing M4A metadata mov metadata reopened defect normal
#3674 WMP does not accept sample aspect ratio close to 1 but != 1 in mov mov libx264 regression open defect important
#3681 ffmpeg creates broken MOV/MP4 files with invalid edit list ('elst') mov new defect normal
#3931 H264 streams in mov not analyzed long enough mov h264 analyzeduration new defect minor
#3981 Duration_LastFrame when muxing mp4 mov new defect normal
#4016 DRM protected content should be detected mov open enhancement wish
#4209 GPS coordinates location and other iOS metadata in MOV are not copied to output MP4 mov open defect normal
#4297 video sync errors and missing stream after clipping h264 files mov h264 seek new defect normal
#4530 The mov demuxer lacks support for Microsoft's network PIFF format mov new enhancement wish
#4554 wrong seek with -ss mov h264 seek reopened defect normal
#4578 Incorrect absolute path for mov reference file mov new defect normal
#4589 support alis data reference type in mov mov new enhancement normal
#4616 Closed Captions: Data Ignored since exceeding screen width cc mov videolan open defect normal
#4685 Misleading warning shown for mov file with multiple edit list entries mov mp3 edts new defect minor
#4798 WMA lossless audio not merged with video wmalossless amovie open defect normal
#4883 Audio with multiple sample rates causes pitch issues mov aac new defect normal
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers h264 mov mpegts reopened defect normal
#4995 Error when inserting sidx atoms mov new defect normal
#4998 SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files that can be played by it. aac mov regression new enhancement normal
#5080 Excessive HTTP GETs reading MP4 from web server http mov open enhancement wish
#5090 fragmented mp4 have bad dts on video track mov regression open defect important
#5165 broken output with odd-sized rawvideo 32bpp (mov) mov open defect normal
#5203 The createdate exif tag gets wiped affter running ffmpeg on a mp4 file mov creation_time new defect normal
#5270 avid jpeg2000: 1980x1080 decodes as 1980x540 mov j2k open defect normal
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT mov sub new enhancement wish
#5309 Seek doesn't work in some .mp4 files h264 mov seek new defect normal
#5502 wmv3 video track produced by GoToMeeting is transcoded to 1000 FPS h264 asf mov new defect normal
#5503 AV_DISPOSITION_FORCED not set for mov_text mov mov_text new defect normal
#5504 Interlaced xdcam mov tags are not used mov new defect normal
#5572 Rewrapping NTSC MOV to AVI, results in 60000/1001 fps fps avi mov new defect normal
#5722 there's no sound when ffplaying a mp4 fragment file -- dash mov aac open defect normal
#5763 copy via HTTP with no transcode very slow for MOV vs. MP4 mov new defect normal
#5784 Regression: mkv encoder DTS discontinuity dts mkv edts mov regression new defect normal
#5793 Force decoder in (a)movie movie new enhancement wish
#5794 PAFF sample shows wrong estimated fps h264 mov new defect minor
#5827 Remuxing file from Sony PXW-X70 to mov causes file with playback errors in Quicktime, Final Cut and Premiere mov h264 new defect normal
#5864 Add support for MP42 major brand mov new enhancement wish
#5901 Camera metadata from Sony A7S not exported by mov/mp4 demuxer mov new enhancement wish
#5910 AAC to PCM conversion inserts extra silence in the beginning aac mov new defect normal
#5928 qt targa: rgb555 mov file encoded by ffmpeg is incompatible with quicktime mov regression open defect important
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 duration h264 mov new defect normal
#5978 FFprobe calculates timecode wrong with mp4 ntsc framerates timecode mov new defect normal
#6007 mov read failure for http chunked byte range request mov http regression open defect important
#6050 Support utf16 in qt metadata mov videolan new defect minor
#6253 Canon C100 - bugged playback in Premiere/QT after rewrap to mov mov h264 new defect normal
#6269 WMV3 plus WMAv2 inside MOV fail mov open enhancement wish
#6408 Support Cisco Mediasense mov files with two h.264 streams mov h264 reopened enhancement wish
#6474 qt targa: unreadable video encoded with alpha channel mov targa alpha new defect normal
#6508 FFmpeg fails to detect embedded artwork in ALAC mov new enhancement wish
#6521 HEIF support mov heif bounty open mateo enhancement wish
#6575 Bitrate Atom MP4 enhancement mov reopened enhancement wish
#6584 MP4 with edit list and multiple stsds not decoding correctly mov h264 edts new defect normal
#6588 Failure to decode some frames causing freeze mov h264 regression new defect important
#6609 SamplingRateBox should be used if the value is greater than INT16_MAX mov open defect normal
#6703 ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration mov edts duration regression new defect normal
#6793 Timecode of mp4 file from Sony FDR-AX100 camera not recognized mov timecode new defect normal
#6800 Keep MOV tags in "meta" atom during transcode mov metadata bounty new enhancement wish
#6832 wrong duration when convert mp4 mov edts duration regression open defect important
#6885 Some media files don't work on FFmpeg as HTTP stream-in (worked with much older FFmpeg version) http mov regression open defect important
#6947 Unwanted visual formatting added when embedding subtitles mov_text new defect normal
#6970 can't detect video stream, too many packets buffered for output audio stream mov edts regression new defect important
#7123 GPAC file doesn't play with edit list parsing mov edts regression new defect important
#7169 First chapter of MP4 is always at 0.0 mov new defect normal
#7185 Preserve codec delay/initial padding and trailing padding during muxing mkv mov new enhancement wish
#7236 HLS stream input hangs hls mov regression new defect important
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