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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#716 Shoutcast 2 metadata http shoutcast open enhancement wish
#2001 ffmpeg can't handle mms streaming using http:// prefix mms http open enhancement wish
#2031 ffmpeg fails to access certain http URLs url av_url_split http reopened enhancement wish
#5080 Excessive HTTP GETs reading MP4 from web server http mov open enhancement wish
#5516 Multi-thread HTTP streaming server doesn't work http open enhancement wish
#5517 Add support for basic HTTP authentication to build-in http server http open enhancement wish
#5762 HTTP: IDN doesn't work http open enhancement wish
#6066 Handling HTTP 500 errors for input files http reopened enhancement wish
#6190 Support Netscape HTTP Cookie files http new enhancement wish
#7158 Send "Accept-Encoding: gzip" on .m3u8 HTTP requests http new enhancement wish
#6423 reconnecting to http URL should use original URL and not the redirect URL http new defect minor
#2259 http_proxy doesn't work http new defect normal
#2646 FFMPEG HTTP protocol not generation authorization line http open defect normal
#4451 Accept-Encoding parsing http new defect normal
#5578 Disabling Icy-Metadata header not working http new defect normal
#5664 Reconnect ONLY 4 seconds http new enhancement normal
#5696 ffmpeg broken for AES-encrypted HLS stream with Accept-Encoding header http open defect normal
#5952 range requests missing if-match header http new defect normal
#6092 FFMpeg cannot deal the http streamed file http new defect normal
#6291 http filesize incorrectly set from 416 response http new defect normal
#6338 http cookies not set when using proxy http, hls, proxy new defect normal
#7223 ffmpeg fails to get https over http proxy http new defect normal
#7660 Unable to play URLs with fragment identifier http new defect normal
#7768 ffmpeg does not handle HTTP read errors (e.g. from cloud storage) http new enhancement normal
#7898 cannot download with reconnect parameters hls http new defect normal
#6007 mov read failure for http chunked byte range request mov http regression open defect important
#6885 Some media files don't work on FFmpeg as HTTP stream-in (worked with much older FFmpeg version) http mov regression open defect important
#7049 HLS streaming crashes, when "http_persistent" option enabled crash hls http new defect important
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