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#4888 62bd8deef causes a regression in HEVC decoding / hevc needs support to skip initial corrupt frames hevc regression open defect important
#3854 Does hevc support ARM (VFP and NEON) optimization? HEVC, ARM, NEON open enhancement wish
#6882 HEVC decoding regression with SAODBLK conformance samples hevc regression new defect important
#3581 HEVC video in FLV doesn't work flv hevc open enhancement wish
#5755 HEVC video stream obtained from Zavio D6320 IP camea can be decoded only partitially hevc rtsp open enhancement wish
#4141 HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p hevc open enhancement wish
#7624 Improve colours in Dolby Vision samples hevc new enhancement wish
#7895 Incorrect video framerate due to no timestamp interpolation for H.264/HEVC mpegts hevc new defect normal
#5514 Interlaced HEVC Steam not Decoded Properly hevc open defect normal
#6637 No debug info available when decoding HEVC hevc open enhancement wish
#7110 Recognize HEVC fourCC input avi hevc open enhancement wish
#4813 Remuxing hevc fails hevc av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#4169 Support BPG Image format bpg hevc open enhancement wish
#5688 Support hevc NAL units 62 and 63 hevc new enhancement wish
#7412 [ffmpeg-qsv][hevc] some cases decode failed on iHD driver. qsv hevc new defect normal
#7756 add mastering display color volume and content light level information to hevc_metadata bitstream filter hevc new enhancement wish
#7238 coded_picture_number and display_picture_number = 0 for all frames hevc reopened defect minor
#6907 hevc decoding regression hevc regression open defect important
#7799 hevc_mp4toannexb filter inserts extradata wrong position hevc new defect normal
#6860 hvc1 instead of hev1 in FourCC HEVC, Mac, macOS 10.13, new enhancement wish
#7757 mpegtsenc: invalid computed DTS values (HEVC) hevc dts mpegts new defect normal
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