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#1679 Ability to identify progressive segmented frame material in h.264 h264 open enhancement wish
#2956 Support ifv cctv files ifv h264 new enhancement wish
#3009 Support mvc h264 mvc mpegts open enhancement wish
#3289 support L264 without "Lead Extension" h264 open enhancement wish
#3392 FFmpeg does not show video bitrates for H.264 video h264 open enhancement wish
#3551 Wrong duration shown for some FLV files flv h264 duration open enhancement wish
#3986 Support dxa files from Bosch Divar DVR-5000-16A000 h264 new enhancement wish
#4748 Support audio in MDVR96NT_2_R files h264 new enhancement wish
#5154 Demux h264 stream from Arecont camera h264 new enhancement wish
#5283 Add bitstream filter to remove Closed Captions from h264 h264 cc new enhancement wish
#6299 Add option for filler / nal-hrd cbr to h264_vaapi encoder similar to the libx264 encoder vaapi h264 new enhancement wish
#6408 Support Cisco Mediasense mov files with two h.264 streams mov h264 reopened enhancement wish
#7119 Applying 3d LUT during h264 hardware encoding (lut3d filter + h264_vaapi) lut3d h264_vaapi new enhancement wish
#1069 Canon Powershot playback / conversion h264 mov open defect minor
#2233 H264 remuxing generated excessive warning messages wtv h264 open defect minor
#2667 console spamming when decoding a h264 / mp4 stream h264 mov reopened defect minor
#3585 Many decoding errors for pmp input pmp h264 regression new defect minor
#3624 H264 decoding error messages from a possibly valid mxf file h264 mxf new defect minor
#3931 H264 streams in mov not analyzed long enough mov h264 analyzeduration new defect minor
#4757 pkt_size / size incorrect for first IDR frame h264 new defect minor
#4923 Error messages shown when decoding Samsung sec cctv files that may contain audio h264 new defect minor
#5731 Wranings about truncating oversized PPS when decoding files from Sony camera FS7 h264 open defect minor
#5732 Display corruption on very high-bitrate H.264 files h264 open defect minor
#5794 PAFF sample shows wrong estimated fps h264 mov new defect minor
#5929 Warnings shown for likely invalid real-life H.264 stream h264 new defect minor
#7249 Overread VUI errors for AVID file h264 new defect minor
#7829 Wrong average framerate for H.264 in mxf mxf h264 regression fps new defect minor
#443 -color_range AVOption appears to do nothing h264 open defect normal
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) h264 mov reopened defect normal
#628 frame duplication doesnt work with raw h264 input (missing timestamp generation code) h264 new michael defect normal
#1150 H264 Main remuxing to TS fails (missing timestamps) av_interleaved_write_frame h264 mpegts open defect normal
#1522 H264 Support SP frames exactly h264 open enhancement normal
#1598 Muxing raw h264 into mpegts (and mkv) fails. mpegts h264 av_interleaved_write_frame open defect normal
#2039 ONVIF metadata read failure in Avigilon camera? rtsp h264 new defect normal
#2085 h264 remuxed from flv to mov fails on Android (duplicated SPS) h264 flv mov open defect normal
#2338 avformat_seek_file seeking to wrong frame for AVCHD sample h264 seek new defect normal
#2398 Bad timestamps when remuxing h264 wtv to ts wtv h264 dts open defect normal
#2515 Output file incompatible with PS3 and a Panasonic TV when muxing h264 to mpegts h264 mpegts open defect normal
#2712 remuxing h264 from avi to ts leads to stuttering with WMP h264 avi mpegts open defect normal
#2815 rtmp stream plays badly rtmp h264 dts new defect normal
#3035 h264 decoder duplicates 8-th frame h264 new defect normal
#3087 Suspicion that valid random access point is not marked as keyframe in AVCHD samples from Panasonic Lumix GH1 (1080i material) h264 bounty open defect normal
#3112 vcodec copy produces broken AVCHD files mpegts h264 new defect normal
#3252 Using -ss before the input file causes WTV stream copy to error with PTS<DTS and av_interleaved_frame_write error wtv h264 av_interleaved_write_frame reopened defect normal
#3406 H.264 threaded decode error h264 open defect normal
#3442 h264 decoder decodes complete GOP wrong / skips one GOP if stream does not start with SPS/PPS h264 mpegts open defect normal
#3565 ffmpeg with hwaccel vdpau decode created washed out highlight h.264 video h264 vdpau new defect normal
#3578 h.264 from avi to mkv/mp4 h264 new defect normal
#3659 Some H.264 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on WMP and MCE wtv h264 open defect normal
#3705 Seeking fails for H264 file h264 open defect normal
#4122 Artefacts for damaged h264 stream h264 reopened defect normal
#4127 h264 DXVA2 decoding regression on Intel GPUs h264 regression new defect normal
#4201 Error Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer Logitech C920 H264 new defect normal
#4297 video sync errors and missing stream after clipping h264 files mov h264 seek new defect normal
#4398 FLV Sample muxing to mpegts and output file with no Video h264 flv mpegts open defect normal
#4554 wrong seek with -ss mov h264 seek reopened defect normal
#4592 Sony mxf file fails to decode h264 new defect normal
#4853 Regression: latest version drops frames when concatenating M2TS (to FFV1) concat h264 regression reopened defect normal
#4868 Unable to perform mpeg-ts lossless copy with seek mpegts h264 open defect normal
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers h264 mov mpegts reopened defect normal
#4955 Converting H.264 Video in MPEG-TS container doubles tbc h264 mpegts new defect normal
#5018 incorrect PTS/DTS on first frame of RTSP stream rtsp h264 new defect normal
#5046 rtsp stream cannot be read rtsp h264 open defect normal
#5065 A/V desync for possibly broken flv input flv aac h264 new defect normal
#5088 copying mpegts file fails for h264 video mpegts h264 open defect normal
#5134 signed integer overflow in weight_h264_pixels4_9_c() h264 ubsan new defect normal
#5224 Excessive memory use in H.264 decoder with threading enabled h264 open defect normal
#5309 Seek doesn't work in some .mp4 files h264 mov seek new defect normal
#5413 Image size, pixel format cannot be detected ( 0x0,-1 ) for short h264 video mpegts h264 open defect normal
#5423 Wrong duration_ts from mpeg-ts file by avformat_find_stream_info() mpegts h264 new defect normal
#5453 Broken h264 sample permanently damages decoder output h264 regression new defect normal
#5533 Unable to decode some H.264 stream on seeking H264 seek open defect normal
#5827 Remuxing file from Sony PXW-X70 to mov causes file with playback errors in Quicktime, Final Cut and Premiere mov h264 new defect normal
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 duration h264 mov new defect normal
#5987 ffmpeg freezes while converting live stream to hls hls h264 new defect normal
#6118 ffmpeg fails with error "max delay reached. need to consume packet" h264 rtsp new defect normal
#6253 Canon C100 - bugged playback in Premiere/QT after rewrap to mov mov h264 new defect normal
#6261 unable to copy file fragment with ffmpeg h264 new defect normal
#6306 Wrong first frame using new decode API h264 dts new defect normal
#6476 NVENC: "InitializeEncoder failed" error occurs when level 5.2 is specified nvenc, h264, level, 5.2 new defect normal
#6478 Intel QSV: H.264 level is ignored intel, qsv, level, h264_qsv, h.264 new defect normal
#6584 MP4 with edit list and multiple stsds not decoding correctly mov h264 edts new defect normal
#6586 h264_omx zerocopy causes Raspberry Pi to hang h264_omx omx new defect normal
#6810 Wrong DTS guess when PTS is reordered for the input without DTS (wrong 'Non-monotonous DTS' fixup) h264 dts new defect normal
#6869 h264_mp4toannexb only inserts SPS/PPS in front of IDR frames h264 new defect normal
#6896 H264: SEI parsing incorrect H264 new defect normal
#6903 Muxing TS into MKV container mpegts h264 dts new defect normal
#7069 H.264 decoder fails and not restores into correct decoding after error h264 open defect normal
#7207 FFmpeg segmented output does not work mpegts h264 dts new defect normal
#7340 Damaged h.264 input breaks the decoder h264 new defect normal
#7352 After extraction video AVC/H264 stream from DASH mp4-segment SEI messages are put prior SPS/PPSges h264,dash new defect normal
#7374 H.264 decoder is left in broken state after a glitch and switch in input h264 new defect normal
#7687 h264_omx can stall due to not handling fragmented frames correctly h264_omx, omx new defect normal
#3369 Copying from MPEG TS to MKV fails with "Can't write packet with unknown timestamp" h264 mpegts av_interleaved_write_frame regression open defect important
#3664 ffprobe can't read packet DTS/PTS (regression since removal of dts_sync_point code) h264 regression open defect important
#4820 Converting a H264 MXF to a H264 MOV with "-vcodec copy" results in mov unreadable by QuickTime mxf h264 regression open defect important
#5000 Skipping frames for GoPro videos recorder with Ambarella h264 regression reopened defect important
#5231 Crashes in ff_deblock_v_luma_8_sse2 h264 crash SIGSEGV reopened defect important
#6422 cannot parser ts file when like this format: (AUD)(PPS)(SPS)(PPS)(I-Slice) h264 regression new defect important
#6492 Intel QSV: "No device available for encoder" message is given qsv, quick sync, intel, h264_qsv new defect important
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