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#6832 wrong duration when convert mp4 mov edts duration regression open defect important
#1558 Artefacts and wrong duration when decoding a (possibly damaged) matroska file mkv duration roundup open defect normal
#2307 Stream segmenter bug if total recorded length > 12 hours segment, duration new defect normal
#2481 libavformat doesn't update file duration when file size changes during playback duration new enhancement normal
#3199 duration incorrect for mpeg file mpegps duration new defect normal
#3683 ffmpeg misdetects duration for mpeg file generated using ffmpeg (one frame short) duration new defect normal
#4733 HLS segmenting generates different EXT-X-TARGETDURATION values for different resolutions/framerates HLS TARGETDURATION new defect normal
#5935 Duration glitch and seek offset problems with transcodes to h264/aac/mp4 duration h264 mov new defect normal
#6703 ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration mov edts duration regression new defect normal
#7800 ffmpeg fails to get the duration of some webm files mkv duration new defect normal
#7806 Input seeking seems result in incorrect duration of output file when seeking value is small with -codec copy seeking duration new defect normal
#3931 H264 streams in mov not analyzed long enough mov h264 analyzeduration new defect minor
#6028 Wrong duration & other artifacts in captured mpeg stream mpegts duration open defect minor
#6704 No duration for G.729 samples g729 duration new defect minor
#3551 Wrong duration shown for some FLV files flv h264 duration open enhancement wish
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