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#5672 concat demuxer truncates output duration concat regression reopened defect important
#6997 Last image of the sequence is not shown in the generated video in case it is monochrome and goes after colored image concat fps regression open defect important
#2319 Using concat demuxer with truncated mp4 (mpeg2video,pcm_s16be) leads to infinite loop concat new defect normal
#2801 Concat protocol with too many files concat new defect normal
#3600 concat demuxer does not work for two h264 streams concat new defect normal
#4198 Concatenate mov files concat new defect normal
#4853 Regression: latest version drops frames when concatenating M2TS (to FFV1) concat h264 regression reopened defect normal
#5086 Option 'analyzeduration' not respected when using concat demuxer concat new defect normal
#5236 concat demuxer isn't working concat new defect normal
#6664 ffmpeg concat audio not in sync concat new defect normal
#6908 Concatenating mpegts files into stream longer than timestamp wrap can produce non-monotonic timestamps concat mpegts new defect normal
#7257 concatenating MP4 files reads all of them twice concat mov new defect normal
#7458 Can't concatenate the single list fragment of videos concat new defect normal
#3718 ffmpeg does not correctly read input text file. concat open enhancement wish
#4573 Concatenation of files with different codecs - Using an external script: Script dosn't works in dos/windows concat wiki new enhancement wish
#4845 concatenate dynamic chunks concat new enhancement wish
#5686 Concat Demuxer doesn't work, Concat Protocol does, but too many files! concat new enhancement wish
#6468 ffmpeg doesn't maintain chapters when concatenating two MP4 files using the concat demuxer concat open enhancement wish
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