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#5281 FFmpeg doesn't care about existing output file open defect important git-master
#5286 ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau limited to h264 level 4.1 since avconv_vdpau: use the hwcontext API to simplify code new defect important git-master
#5474 pgssub with backward moving timestamps new defect important git-master
#5928 qt targa: rgb555 mov file encoded by ffmpeg is incompatible with quicktime open defect important git-master
#6370 Change in rotate metadata treatment between ffmpeg 3.2 and ffmpeg 3.3 open defect important git-master
#6372 Live Streaming - process no longer terminates new defect important 3.2.4
#6375 [bug][regression] Too many packets buffered for output stream reopened defect important git-master
#6706 channel_layout option ignored for non default layouts new defect important git-master
#6997 Last image of the sequence is not shown in the generated video in case it is monochrome and goes after colored image open defect important git-master
#7054 stream_loop "Seek to start failed" with H.264 rawvideo file new defect important git-master
#7482 ffmpeg.c's discontinuity handling breaks when one of the A/V streams creeps new defect important git-master
#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts reopened defect normal git-master
#1349 itsoffset doesn't work for second input file (audio) reopened defect normal git-master
#1670 -filter_complex doesn't handle well finite video + infinite audio new defect normal unspecified
#2260 FFmpeg doesn't auto-select subtitle codec for MP4 new defect normal git-master
#2360 FFmpeg rtp streaming was not synchronous new defect normal 1.1.3
#2746 Incorrect -to arg working open defect normal git-master
#2827 Output pixel format should be chosen based on H.264 profile, not the other way around new enhancement normal git-master
#3020 FFmpeg should do framerate convert before scaling if (and only if) that is expected to be faster open enhancement normal git-master
#3097 -report option with parallel ffmpeg instances overwrites existing report files new enhancement normal unspecified
#3360 Metadata key for matroska default flag new enhancement normal git-master
#3433 using "shortest" results in mismatched audio and video lengths new defect normal git-master
#3537 Invalid chapters are copied if -t is used as input option open defect normal git-master
#3565 ffmpeg with hwaccel vdpau decode created washed out highlight h.264 video new defect normal 2.2.1
#3615 -y option affects audio/video skew during screen capture (alsa+x11grab) new defect normal 2.2.1
#3733 ffmpeg encoder does not retry sending a feed new defect normal unspecified
#3789 shortest command doesnt work when using a filter_complex with audio and video filters open defect normal git-master
#3903 Cutting video file with invalid start time does not warn and produces invalid file new enhancement normal git-master
#3990 Video duration increases when reducing frame rate open defect normal git-master
#3999 Input option -r does not work for all formats without reencoding open defect normal git-master
#4063 sub2video gets stuck with damaged video and non-monotonic timestamps when used with -copyts new defect normal unspecified
#4136 Error streaming to Akamai new defect normal unspecified
#4280 bug with selecting subtitle. ffmpeg selected video stream instead of subtitle. open defect normal git-master
#4334 Second audio track marked as default after copy new defect normal git-master
#4361 [ffmpeg-2.6.0] rtp_mpegts: av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument new defect normal unspecified
#4362 ffmpeg can't extract screenshot from webm if -loop 1 not included, fails silently new defect normal git-master
#4506 ffmpeg does not seem to receive replayed packets new defect normal git-master
#4536 mkv audio reencoding leads to nonuniform video timecodes new defect normal git-master
#4580 Choppy audio while recording. Queue input is backward in time Non-monotonous DTS in output stream new defect normal git-master
#4993 Buffer queue overflow, dropping. when ovelaying new defect normal git-master
#5053 Cannot select sample rate for the link between filters audio format new defect normal git-master
#5093 Accurate seek not possible with MPEG program stream and transport sream open defect normal git-master
#5212 Can't seek while using -re and -ss at the same time open defect normal git-master
#5288 FFmpeg -progress url Isn't working new defect normal git-master
#5393 Option to select the Intel Quick Sync GPU device adapter for encoding new enhancement normal git-master
#5398 non-Latin characters in Windows console new defect normal unspecified
#5697 h264_omx (_rpi): transcoding displayed on screen new defect normal git-master
#5713 Can't Recalculate the Timestamp of Fragmentary Video Streams new defect normal git-master
#6217 Ffmpeg ignores bitrate parameter when encoding with libxvid at 2nd pass new defect normal unspecified
#6219 When h264_omx used, cannot start streaming client after server new defect normal git-master
#6257 ffmpeg mapping audio/video streams separately by language new enhancement normal git-master
#6278 [crash] dshow list_options of video and audio component at the same time new defect normal git-master
#6315 seeking in mp4 is inaccurate new defect normal git-master
#6324 Cannot compile ffmpeg 3.3 and latest master for arm64 for iOS reopened defect normal git-master
#6384 Bug in URL decoding in Windows version new defect normal unspecified
#6483 Failing to Multiplex Data Stream on MPEGTS file new defect normal unspecified
#6489 Screen capture on Android open pitrex29 task normal git-master
#6547 FFmpeg auth fail with long rtsp urls new defect normal git-master
#6562 FFmpeg's ass filter draw wrong shapes new defect normal
#6587 Failed to compile FFmpeg with "--enable-libnpp" after install CUDA 9.0 RC. new defect normal git-master
#6600 Error Header missing in Split MP3 file base on time new defect normal git-master
#6920 Error with two audio inputs and at least two videos profiles new defect normal git-master
#7065 reconnect_delay not settable but might want to be new defect normal git-master
#7089 Unmapped lavfi outputs with unlabelled pads automatically included new defect normal unspecified
#7306 Seeking problem: -ss as output parameter at a key frame of a mp4 and -c copy result in droping of video frames new defect normal git-master
#7392 Filter "sharpen" on Vaapi encoding new task normal unspecified
#7516 ffmpeg 3.4.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 and n4.0.2 hls timeout not working new defect normal 3.4
#7546 Getting remote stream problem via RTSP: could not find codec parameters new defect normal git-master
#7559 increase hls input buffer for 30 seconds to stream to mpegts new defect normal git-master
#7635 Converting bitmap subtitles to srt new enhancement normal unspecified
#7711 Segmenting with libopus produces incorrect segment durations in output playlist new defect normal unspecified
#7712 Check for multiple -filter options broken open defect normal git-master
#7717 -disposition is broken for mka containers new defect normal git-master
#7746 nvenc HEVC -b_ref_mode produces invalid pts/dts new defect normal git-master
#7749 removes silence but unwanted speed up or pitch up the output.wav new defect normal git-master
#7806 Input seeking seems result in incorrect duration of output file when seeking value is small with -codec copy new defect normal git-master
#2491 audio stream start_time & duration overspan when encoding & split a video (-ss, -t) new enhancement minor git-master
#3235 ffmpeg doesn't respond to most signals on debian sid when using pulse input new defect minor git-master
#5791 -itsoffset shifts using a different value on some subtitles new defect minor 3.0.2
#6328 UBSan: value is outside the range of representable values of type 'long' open defect minor git-master
#6890 Misleading log message for -b:a option new defect minor git-master
#6928 Output log messaging is impractical, either nothing, or spammed messages new defect minor git-master
#7755 Fail if an output-only option is used as an input option open defect minor git-master
#980 Feature request : Optimising (MPEG) video streams open enhancement wish unspecified
#1325 pick suitable pcm encoder for wav container open enhancement wish git-master
#1530 Feature Request :: Allow more options in .ffpreset files new enhancement wish git-master
#1979 Automatically set -fflags +genpts new enhancement wish git-master
#2432 generate/draw timecode from image number new enhancement wish unspecified
#2866 support --verify option for lossless encoding to decode the output in parallel to compare to original open enhancement wish git-master
#3059 Logfile append instead of overwrite open enhancement wish git-master
#3989 "Overwrite?" dialog causes frozen video when capturing desktop video open enhancement wish git-master
#4078 Specify audio bitrate per-channel open enhancement wish git-master
#4674 Allow to drop frames to keep A/V sync new enhancement wish git-master
#4795 option to survive "Invalid data found when processing input" new enhancement wish git-master
#5081 A wish for ffmpeg to be able to reference input properties new enhancement wish git-master
#5170 Input option -r has no effect with -vcodec copy open enhancement wish git-master
#5476 Feature: Separate Real-Time Console Status Output For Audio/Video Bitrate new enhancement wish git-master
#5516 Multi-thread HTTP streaming server doesn't work open enhancement wish git-master
#6358 ffmpeg requires constant output dimensions open enhancement wish git-master
#6435 don't give file exists error if the output is dev/null is specified as output file. new enhancement wish git-master
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