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#3118 SAMI: multiple languages not detected open enhancement normal
#3661 Blu-Ray stream changes audio from ac-3 to dts open defect normal
#1182 [ac3] frame sync error open defect minor
#1199 Playlist support open enhancement wish
#2699 automate lossless normalisation open enhancement wish
#3657 float pixel format open enhancement wish
#3827 Provide an option to quickly seek by a number of frames new enhancement wish
#3953 Support chaptering in bluray open enhancement wish
#4054 libavformat: subtitles: provide a mechanism to guess subtitle character encoding new enhancement wish
#4286 Still image should be muxed as picture attachment new defect wish
#4489 mkv cropping, new enhancement wish
#4768 FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion, new enhancement wish
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